Double Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 21 house was pretty quiet, but we did get an idea of how the first eviction will go on Big Brother tonight. Some of the HGs talked about what they would do if they won the next HOH. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Wednesday’s live feeds right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

The HGs were pretty quiet to start off the day with only a little camtalking from Nicole about who she would target if she won HOH. She tells us she would nominate Christie and Tommy and if one of them came down, she would renom Jackson or Holly in their place.

Tommy mentioned to the group (minus Jackson and Holly) that he is worried Nick left the house mad at him and everyone tried to convince him that wasn’t the case (except he did).

Christie asks Jess not to mention Christie targeting Jackson and Holly to anyone. She doesn’t want it to get back to Holly because she is hoping Holly won’t fight too hard for the HOH.

Nicole tells Cliff her plan to nominate Christie and Tommy if she wins HOH and then use Holly or Jackson as a renom. She then tells Cliff that she is going to tell Jess how she plans to vote tomorrow and assures Cliff she is voting to keep him.

Jackson tells Nicole that he knows Christie said he and Holly are working both sides of the house ( I didn’t realize there were still sides in F7), but he tells her that isn’t true. He reminds her that him staying on the wall was to protect Nicole and Cliff and he is loyal to their F4, not to Christie or Tommy. Jackson tells Nicole that he thinks that Christie and Tommy are too scared to take a shot at him and Holly so they are trying to keep Jess around to do it for them. They both agree that keeping Cliff isn’t great for their game but they are staying loyal to him.

Cliff tells Tommy that he is not touching Nicole if he wins HOH and assures Tommy isn’t his target either. Christie later tells Cliff that getting rid of Jackson next would be ideal and then Holly after that. Cliff asks Christie to have his back if he should win the next HOH and target Holly and Jackson. She agrees and asks that he do the same if she should win. Christie and Cliff agree that it will be easier to get Jackson or Holly out if it’s a DE because there is no time to think or deal with the repercussions.

Holly talks to Jackson about Nicole and Cliff and how if they went back on their word that would be really crappy. Jackson tells Holly that she can’t throw the HOH and she says she is going to fight for it. They both are worried that Christie and Tommy are coming after them. Later Cliff tells Jackson that Nicole told him she was sticking to their deal regardless of how much pressure Tommy and Christie put on her. Cliff tells Jackson that Tommy and Christie might think he is targeting Jackson and Holly and that would be good because they might not fight so hard for HOH.

Cliff does a little camtalking and he seems to be a little nervous about this week’s eviction. He says that if he goes home this week it’s because Nicole changed her vote. Meanwhile, Jess did her campaigning and is hoping that she made some headway in convincing Nicole to flip or convincing Jackson to break a tie in her favor. She says all she can do now is wait and see what happens. Jessica also tells Holly that it makes more sense for Jackson to evict Cliff. She adds that it’s not very impressive for him to say that he got Analyse and Jessica out on his HOHs.

Jackson talked to Cliff again and they agreed that if Christie and Tommy were on the block together, Christie would have to go. Jackson mentions that she has had too many chances as it is. Later, Christie tells Jackson that she is worried that Cliff is feeling so confident this week and Jackson reminds her that Jessica has been his target all week and anyone sitting next to her were pawns in order to get her out.

Jess and Jackson talked and he told her that he would most likely break a tie in Cliff’s favor if it came down to it. Jess tells Nicole about this and Nicole fires back that she hasn’t decided on her vote yet.

Meanwhile, Jackson tells Christie his intentions to vote Jess out over Cliff if it came down to a tie. Jackson then tells Holly that he is worried about Christie’s intentions and says that if she wins HOH and puts the two of them up, she will lose two jury votes (ummm, there are 9 Jury members and most of them are her allies).

The rest of the night was Christie telling Cliff her plans and him running back to Jackson and Holly with the information. Cliff informed Nicole that they are playing both sides of the house because each of the other duos are feeding him information. Nicole doesn’t think they could possibly be a bigger target than either of the other duos left.

Holly is regretting keeping Christie over Nick. She wishes that they had taken either of their other opportunities to get Christie out. Jackson tells her that he had to get Analyse out (I’m confused as much as you are).

It is Double Eviction day! With that being said, there is a good chance that Jessica is going today leaving the three duos in the F6. Based on what went on in the house yesterday, Cliff and Nicole seem to be in a pretty good spot with Christie and Tommy targeting Jackson and Holly and vice versa. It is going to be an interesting night! Stay tuned for my eviction poll for tonight’s first eviction and also my eviction predictions coming up a little later today.

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