The POV Ceremony happened in the Big Brother 21 house on Monday and the plans for who to send to Jury were discussed. There are two HGs that vote this week and they both seem to be leaning towards the same person, but were worried about what might happen if they send them packing. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s live feeds to find out if they plan to stick to it and who might be in favor of this move!

First thing yesterday morning Jackson and Holly continued to fight from the night before about her insecurities and how just because she has been cheated on doesn’t mean every guy she meets is going to do it. She tries to tell him that a lot of their argument from the night before had to do with the stress of knowing she is going on the block and the fact that they had been drinking, but he tells her that he still doesn’t appreciate being called names and adds that with her on the block and Nicole and Cliff voting, he is just as stressed about this week.

Nicole talks to Cliff about her conversation with Tommy from the night before. She tells him that she asked Tommy if he had any kind of deal going into this week’s POV with Jackson and Holly and Tommy told her that he couldn’t answer that. Cliff mentions that keeping Tommy might give them a better chance of both making it to F3, but if they keep Holly, only one of them will go. Nicole says they could potentially be the last duo and Cliff jokes unless Jackson and Tommy have something going on that they don’t know about.

The POV happened pretty early in the day and as suspected Nicole used the POV on Cliff and Holly was renomed. Tommy and Holly made a “Block Buddies” song and sing it on their way to the hammock. Holly tells Tommy that being on the block sucks, but being next to Tommy makes it worse. Tommy tells her that he has come to terms with things and is at peace with whatever happens on Thursday. Holly tells him she is just in pieces and adds that the house is getting to her. She then talks about the fight she had with Jackson the night before.

Tommy tells Jackson a little later that he can’t wait for the show to be over so that he can just be real with everyone. He adds that he wonders what his family must think about him teaming up with Christie inside the house considering she used to be like family. He mentions that Christie and his aunt broke up months ago.

There is another spat between Holly and Jackson. Same fight from the night before, but she is trying to explain to him that the way she talks to him is no different than how she talks to her friends. She adds that is just how she is on the outside and he adds that they aren’t on the outside of the house and everyone in the country hears her call him names. He walks away and then comes back and tells her that if she wants a guy who is going to be okay with her calling him names, then he wasn’t the right guy for her.

Nicole and Cliff are talking and Nicole mentions that she thinks it’s funny that Holly all of a sudden can’t remember any of the days and events over the last could day. Cliff tells Nicole that everyone is playing games at this point and that it’s a good thing they aren’t making their decision (on who to vote out) based on the last few days and more so about the last 83 days. Nicole mentions to Cliff that Tommy told Nicole he would take them (C & N) to final three over Jackson if he stayed. Cliff says that he believes that because Tommy is always talking about how big of a threat Jackson is.

Later that night, Jackson tells Nicole that he doesn’t want it to seem that he is campaigning against Holly, but he came here to win for himself and his family, no one else. Jackson tells them that Tommy told him about how their F4 was brilliant and Jackson told him that it was formed because no one could trust Christie. Nicole tells Jackson and Cliff that the three of them could end up being the F3 and Jackson says that he wouldn’t be upset with that because he respects them. Jackson adds that from this point on, it’s all game for him (implying that he doesn’t care if Holly goes).

After Jackson leaves the conversation, Nicole tells Cliff that it doesn’t seem like Jackson is protecting Holly and that he seems to want to go to the end with them rather than Holly. Cliff says that if that is the case, then Jackson shouldn’t have a problem with them voting Holly out on Thursday. Nicole wonders if this is just Jackson’s way of getting rid of Holly without having to take the blame for it, but they both agree that they are leaning towards keeping Tommy over Holly at this point. They both wonder what the Jury house is going to be like when they see Holly walk in on Jackson’s HOH. Nicole talks about how their odds are really better with keeping Tommy, but they are a lot better than keeping a showmance.

Jackson asks Holly what she’s stressing about and she tells him she is stressing over him and the eviction. She asks him just to stick by her and not to be weird or cold towards her. They continue to fight.

Tommy offers to Nicole to throw the next HOH to Cliff or Nicole so that at least one of them is guaranteed a spot in F3. He says that if they keep him this week he would owe them and he has always kept his word. He wonders if that will be enough for Cliff to break his word to Holly and Jackson and adds that he will gun it for the POV and use it to evict Jackson. Cliff joins the conversation and Tommy fills him in on what he is willing to offer. Cliff says that there is something very attractive about the three of them going to F3 together.

There was a lot of general chit chat in the house after that, however, with Tommy being the only nominee making any attempts to stay in the house, things are looking better and better for him. I will keep you posted over the next few days about any changes in the plan, but as of right now it looks like Holly could go to Jury on Jackson’s HOH.

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