It was a slow day in the Big Brother 21 house with the HGs hanging out and relaxing in the backyard for most of it. There was some talk about this week’s vote, but will they two HGs voting make the move? Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers from Sunday’s Big Brother live feeds right here to find out which way they are leaning.

We started yesterday’s live feeds off with Nicole doing some camtalking about how she thinks the best move this week is to evict Holly and break up the showmance. She mentions that Jackson can’t compete so that would mean that she would go against Cliff and Tommy.

Holly pointed out later in the afternoon that Cliff has survived the block five times this season and has a pretty strong resume.

Tommy talks to Nicole and she tells him that she is pushing Cliff to keep Tommy this week and she thinks he might be on board with the idea. Cliff talks to Nicole a little later on and he tells her that he would rather go to F3 with Holly than Jackson, but to make that happen they would have to risk trying to get Jackson out while Holly is still in the house. This could result in them sitting next to Jackson in F3 and that is definitely something they don’t want.

Nicole tells Cliff that if Holly stays, Nicole is 100% going next, but with Tommy in the house, Jackson would be the target. Cliff tells Nicole that he hates breaking his word, but they are talking about $500k. Nicole tells Cliff that if they manage to break up the showmance, they would be remembered for breaking up the final duos this season.

Tommy talks to Nicole later on and he seems very defeated. He tells her that he is torn between wanting to fight to win or just being ready to go at this point. He thanks her for entertaining the idea of letting him stay and he promises Nicole that he has would love to see them (Tommy, Nicole, and Cliff) be the F3. Jackson noticed that Nicole and Tommy have been spending a lot of time together and encourages Holly to go get involved in the conversations.

The HGs spent a lot of time hanging out in the yard drinking their HOH wine at their wine night. They also got an oversized pong set from POP.

Later on, we watched as Nicole camtalked and she mentions that she is trying to work on keeping Tommy because she knows that if Holly is still in the house, Jackson will not take her (Nicole) to F2. Says that she needs to make sure that Cliff is on board with keeping Tommy. Nicole knows that the fans are probably wondering why she didn’t target Jackson in the DE.

Jackson and Holly got into an argument right before going to bed. Holly is stressed out about going on the block at Monday’s POV Ceremony. They go back and forth with the arguing for a while, she leaves the room to cry and then comes back and there is more back and forth. This went on for over an hour.

Holly will see the block at today’s POV Ceremony and she is not happy about it. Just wait until Jackson realizes that his showmance partner is going to go home on his HOH, that is going to put a damper on his plans throughout the rest of the game. We are nearing the end of Big Brother 21 and things are finally getting shaken up! Come back later for our POV Ceremony spoilers a little later on!

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