It was a pretty slow day inside the Big Brother 21 house with the feeds being down all morning for a visit from Ovi and a friendly competition between HGs. After the feeds came back, we got some more information about this deal between Cliff, Nicole, Jackson, and Holly looked like and also found out that Holly and Jackson might not be so willing to comply. Get the Big Brother spoilers from Friday’s live feeds right here!

There were a lot of conversations between Cliff and Jackson, Nicole and Holly, Nicole and Cliff, etc yesterday ( I mean, they are the only ones left in the house). So I’m going to try and summarize them all as best as I can.

Cliff actually told Jackson that he would be taking Nicole with him to F2, I’m not sure what he was thinking with this, but he kind of sealed his fate if Jackson or Holly should win the POV. Not that I thought either of them would take Cliff to F3 over the other, but there were a lot of promises being made that Jackson and Holly had no intentions of keeping.

Nicole asked Holly later on that if Holly doesn’t actually throw the POV (It was mentioned in the deal that she would throw both the POV and HOH) would she still take Cliff and Nicole with her to F3. Holly tells her that she will if that’s what needs to be done, but at this stage in the game, it’s everyone for themselves implying that she will do whatever she feels is best for her game.

Cliff then asks Holly if she wins the POV will their agreement still be in place (she agreed to evict Jackson and not Cliff) and she says if that’s her only option, then yes. However, Holly and Jackson talked a little after these conversations took place and Holly and Jackson agreed to evict Cliff if they should win the POV and take each other and Nicole to F3.

The feeds cut for noms and then when they come back up we see Holly and Jackson’s faces on the memory wall. Holly cam talks shortly after the saying that she should have been running that nomination ceremony because that was her HOH to win. She is frustrated that she was forced to throw that comp and wonders if she made a half-million-dollar mistake by keeping her word.

After the HGs had dinner, Jackson and Holly were talking about the events of the week so far. Jackson is thinking about how Nicole and Cliff want Holly to throw the POV. Jackson tells Holly that he is going to fight for the POV, win it and then evict Cliff. He wonders why Cliff thinks he would honor a deal with him when he has already made it clear that he doesn’t intend to bring Jackson to F2. Meanwhile, Holly is talking trash about Nicole saying that she bullied her into throwing the HOH and Jackson seems to be a little annoyed that Holly said that.

Nicole and Cliff are talking about how they think that Holly is going to honor her side of the deal and evict Jackson if she wins POV. Cliff talks about possibly throwing the POV to Holly if Jackson can’t win it. Nicole tells Cliff that she wants to win this game and she is going to gun it for POV and add something else to her resume. Cliff says that his deal with Jackson doesn’t include anything about if Nicole wins the POV, therefore, she can win it and they’ll evict Jackson.

Nicole, Cliff, and Holly talked briefly about how hard it was for Holly to throw the HOH. She says that she stuck to her word and mentions that if Tommy stayed, he wouldn’t have. Nicole and Cliff touched base again later on. Nicole tells Cliff that she feels bad for making Holly throw the HOH. She says that she feels obligated to take Holly to F3 because of that and Cliff tells her that he already promised Jackson. He tells Nicole that it would be hard for him to break that promise. This comes moments after they shook hands and Cliff agreed to vote whatever way Nicole wanted him to if she won the POV. However, Nicole cam talked after and said that she was sure Cliff would still vote out Jackson.

Cliff tells Jackson that he has a new deal with Holly that Holly would evict Jackson over Cliff (Jackson knows Holly made this deal and knows she doesn’t intend to keep it). Jackson says that he would be more upset with Holly if she chose to keep him and it wasn’t the best move for her game.

Holly and Jackson talk about how upset Holly is over the HOH and Jackson tells her to use that as fuel in the POV. Jackson really hopes that it is a physical comp.

Cliff and Nicole really think that Holly and Jackson both intend to vote out one another if they win POV (they don’t).

Cliff cam talks before heading to bed and tells us that he intends to keep his promise to Jackson and vote out Holly if he should win the POV. He really seems to think that all the deals he is making are going to stand if he doesn’t win it.

Cliff is overly confident that the showmance will choose him over each other going into the F3. He also seems to think that everyone is going to take him to F2, including Jackson who Cliff was very honest to about taking Nicole instead. Today’s Veto comp is going to give us a better idea of who will be in F3. I think that if Nicole or Cliff wins it, Cliff is going to go against her wishes and it will be Nicole, Cliff, and Jackson in the F3. That is unless Nicole realizes that Cliff isn’t going to vote the way she wants him to and changes noms. If Jackson or Holly win it, it will be Jackson, Holly, and Nicole in the F3.

I will keep you posted on spoilers when they happen!

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