With the Veto Ceremony pushed until Thursday night’s live show, the Big Brother 21 HGs spent most of the day lounging and reflecting. With the extra days until the Veto Ceremony, there have been some talks about what could be said in campaign speeches this week that could help sway things. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s live feeds here!

There was a lot of chatting throughout the day between Nicole and Cliff and a lot of sleeping throughout the day between Jackson and Holly. Nicole and Cliff spent most of the day trying to work out the details of what could be said to Jackson in order to try and save Cliff this week. Nicole talked about how Jackson is such a man of his word that he should prove it and stick to his deals. Says that Jackson wants to see people in the end that stared down the barrel of a gun and Cliff has done that several times after being banished and evicted. Adds that Cliff then went and fought as hard as he could for the POV this week so that he could stick to his word and take Jackson to F3.

There was a lot of reflecting going on in the house yesterday and thinking about what the HGs could have done differently in order to better their games. Nicole says that as a fan she would have probably wanted to see Jackson or Holly go in the DE, not Christie. She worries that she looks stupid for putting so much trust into a showmance. Nicole says that if she doesn’t win one of the first two final HOHs she just wants to go to the Jury house, there is no way she is going to be picked for F2 anyway.

Cliff tells Nicole that he is going to be pushing hard for her in Jury. Nicole reminded him that there are still a few days before Thursday and anything can happen. Cliff and Nicole agree that the best way for them to approach Jackson is to talk about how the Jury will perceive him going back on his deals. Nicole later mentions that he could also tug at Jackson’s heartstrings by playing up the age thing. Jackson has his whole life ahead of him and could possibly do Big Brother again (please, no…we’re begging) where this is probably Cliff’s only shot.

At the end of the night, Nicole gets a chance to talk to Jackson about keeping Cliff over Holly. They talk about loyalty. She talks about how Cliff was banished and still wanted to work with him when he came back into the house. Then Jackson was one of the votes against him and he came back and still wanted to work with Jackson. She says that Cliff deserves it kills her that Cliff isn’t guaranteed a spot. She talks about how it’s killing her every time she sees him apologizing to his family because they can’t come out on finale night.

They are going to be working these angles hard until Thursday night’s live show. There won’t be much going on in the house until then especially because the yard will be closed for the rest of the season. I will keep you posted on anything that might happen throughout the next few days!

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