The final Power of Veto comp happened inside the Big Brother 21 house and the winner was crowned. Now it’s a question about which deal will be kept and which ones will go out the door on Thursday along with this week’s evicted HG. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s live feeds to get all the details about what could happen moving forward.

There were some small conversations throughout the morning and early afternoon before the POV comp took place. Holly talked to Jackson about her frustration with Nicole and says that she thinks Nicole has gotten too cocky. She mentions again that she could have beaten Nicole in the HOH comp and Nicole thinking she would have won anyway is annoying. Nicole worried to Cliff that they made the wrong decision keeping Holly over Tommy (uhhhh, you think???). She is worried that evicting Tommy cost her the game.

The feeds went down for the POV and nearly five hours later they came back up and Jackson was wearing the POV medallion. Jackson went into the bedroom alone and cried right after his big win and said he did it and he’s going to F3 with Holly. Cliff is still convinced that Jackson is keeping his end of the deal with Cliff and is going to use this POV to evict Holly over Cliff.

Holly later tells Jackson that if she didn’t throw the HOH she would have won, Jackson would have won the POV, and they could have taken Cliff to F3, but instead, they have to take Nicole.

Nicole and Cliff talk later on and Cliff mentions that he trusts that Jackson will keep up his end of the deal because it’s been talked about so much now (I’m not sure the logic behind that). Nicole isn’t so trusting and says they will see what happens and tells Cliff that if Jackson does keep his part of the deal, she completely underestimated him. Nicole also tells Cliff that if he makes it to F2 and she is evicted, Cliff has her vote to win.

Jackson and Holly talked and Jackson wondered if he should use the POV to save himself or Holly and let Holly vote out Cliff. He wonders if it would help his Jury votes letting her do it. Jackson thinks that it was really Cliff behind the attempted vote flip last week with Holly and Tommy. Holly is positive it was Nicole and Jackson says that Cliff will have to take the fall for it for now.

Not much of a surprise that Jackson and Holly intend to go against the deal with Cliff. Jackson told us last week that regardless of if Holly stayed or left on Thursday that he would be coming for them. Tonight we will watch the epic failure of an HOH endurance comp and will probably get a look at Ovi visiting the house yesterday before the nominations took place. Make sure you come join me for our live recap starting at 8/7c!

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