We are down to the Final 4 inside the Big Brother house and we got there in a very dramatic way. After the live show, there was supposed to be an endurance comp, but instead, it was a 30-second comp that ended in one HG making securing their spot in the F3. Find out who it was and why the comp was so short here with our Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night’s live feeds!

After the Big Brother live vote and eviction show, we were supposed to get an endurance comp on the feeds were the HGs were standing on disks suspended in the air. The disks rotated and moved and there was a “truck” that would hit them on their way around. However, as soon as the feeds came back up, we saw that Cliff and Holly were both down throwing the comp to Nicole. Apparently, as part of a deal to secure Cliff and Nicole’s votes, she agreed to throw the HOH to Cliff or Nicole just as Tommy had agreed to do the day before. Cliff fell first and Holly jumped down right after. Nicole seems surprised that she won, so I’m wondering if the agreement was only made with Cliff.

Cliff explains to Jackson that Tommy had spun a lot of things and Nicole apologized to Holly. Holly tells her no hard feelings.

Apparently, during the house meeting, Tommy told Jackson that he didn’t deserve to win the money, which Jackson said hurt him.

Cliff told Nicole that if he wins the final POV, he is not evicting Jackson and that it will be Cliff, Nicole, and Jackson in F3. She says she is okay with that.

A little later, Cliff talks with Jackson and is continuing to throw Nicole under the bus about trying to vote Holly out. He tells Jackson that it was really hard to convince Nicole to keep Holly because Nicole isn’t sure she can trust Holly or Jackson (she clearly shouldn’t be trusting Cliff). Cliff is taking the credit for Holly staying in the house and tells her that he is glad she is still in the game with them.

Jackson and Holly talk after this and Jackson tells her that he doesn’t believe Cliff when he says they decided to vote Tommy out last night. Jackson says he is sorry that he had to lie about Tommy in order to get him out, but he had to do everything he could to keep Holly safe.

Cliff and Jackson talk again a little later and Jackson asks Cliff if they’re good. Cliff tells him that they are and mentions a deal that they made for Jackson to take Nicole and Cliff. Jackson agrees to it again and Cliff tells him that as long as Jackson takes care of him, he will take care of Jackson. Cliff mentions that they can take Jackson to the end and see what happens. Cliff tells Jackson that as much as he loves Nicole, he would love to see Cliff and Jackson in F2 together (WHAT!?).

Cliff then checks in with Nicole and tells her that he’s taking Jackson to F3, but isn’t making an agreement to take him to F2 because he is taking Nicole, not Jackson to F2. Nicole and Cliff think that since Holly threw the HOH, she might throw the POV too. They are also convinced that Jackson is really going to evict Holly if he wins the final POV.

Holly tells Jackson that she is sick that she had to throw the HOH. Jackson tells her that at least they have a 50/50 shot at winning the POV and being the one vote this week. Jackson is feeling emotional about what he did to Tommy but tells Holly that he would do anything to protect her.

Nicole cam talked before bed about the deal that Cliff made with Jackson. She is wondering if there is more to it then Cliff is letting on and if that’s why Cliff said it’s not necessary for her to make a deal with Jackson also. Nicole is also worried that she did more to burn the bridge with Jackson and Holly than Cliff did.

Cliff also cam talked before bed and says that Jackson’s deal was better than Tommy’s. Says that Holly throwing the HOH and Jackson vowing to use the POV to vote out Holly would get him and Nicole into F3. (I’m sorry, but didn’t Tommy say he would throw the HOH and use the POV to take out Jackson?)

While the deal sounds nice to Cliff, Jackson has already said that whether Holly stayed in the house or went to Jury, he was going after Nicole and Cliff. I don’t see Jackson using the POV to evict Holly and take Nicole and Cliff to F3. I see Jackson using the POV to evict Cliff, taking Nicole and Holly to F3.

We all know that Jackson and Holly will end up on the block at the nomination ceremony later today, it’s all going to come down to tomorrow’s POV which everyone will play in. Whoever wins that will either be the sole vote this week (Cliff, Jackson, or Holly) or control who votes (Nicole). What do you think about the talks on the live feeds last night?

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