Yesterday was a busy day of campaigning inside the Big Brother 21 house. With the POV Ceremony being pushed to Thursday’s live show, a couple of the HGs are getting a headstart trying to save one of their own. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds right here and find out what the new pitch is and whether it’s going to change anything.

The HGs were slow to rise yesterday morning inside the Big Brother house, even Cliff slept until noon. When Cliff woke up we got some camtalking about how he kept asking Jackson if they were still good on their deal after the HOH comp took place and Jackson kept saying they were. He mentions how Jackson waited until he won the POV to change his mind and go back on his word to Cliff. He continues to talk about how hard it was for him to consider going against their F4 deal last week and how he couldn’t sleep the entire week. He acknowledges that the fans might think he is a fool for that and he isn’t going to say they are wrong. However, he mentions that it is so much different when you are in the house dealing with real people with real emotions.

He continues to talk about how if he is evicted on Thursday that he is going to make sure that the Jury hears his story about how Jackson betrayed him. He thinks that they will listen and that his words hold some weight.

Holly and Jackson talk in bed and Jackson tells her about his conversation with Nicole from the night before. He tells her that Cliff just wants finale night so that his family can come and be in the audience. He tells her how Nicole mentioned that Cliff is always apologizing to his family and how he feels terrible they can’t be there. He also tells Holly how Nicole offered to throw the HOH comps to guarantee him a spot in F2. Jackson tells Holly that he isn’t going to take the chance though because they are probably lying to him.

Nicole tells Cliff a little later about the conversation she had with Jackson that night before. He tells her that he is going to make whatever promises he has to in order to try and persuade Jackson into keeping him over Holly. After Cliff leaves the HOH room, Nicole camtalks and tells us that she is going to promise Jackson anything she can to get Cliff into the F3, but also tells us that she will potentially break those promises if given the opportunity. She apologizes to America saying that it probably makes her a bad person.

Cliff camtalks a little later telling use that he is acting depressed in case Jackson is watching but assures us that he is okay.

Jackson tells Holly that she has nothing to worry about, she will be going to F3. She tells him that she knows, but she is worried Cliff is going to guilt-trip Jackson into keeping him. Jackson says that Nicole and Cliff didn’t feel guilty when they were trying to turn on them last week and Holly adds that guilt isn’t going to work because all their families want to be there.

Cliff gets to talk to Jackson a little later. He tells Jackson that he really wants to be in F3 because that means his family could come out. Cliff tells him that he has had Jackson’s back since the beginning and that it was he who kept Jackson and Holly safe during the DE. Jackson tells him that he has been preaching that he is playing his own game, but he played Nicole’s game last week and refused to vote as an individual. Jackson says that he doesn’t feel like he was disloyal, but he refused to break away from Nicole and vote individually.

Cliff tells Jackson that Nicole “released” him from his F2 and is willing to promise anything to stay. He tells Jackson that he has fought harder than anyone to make it to F3. Cliff then pulls the age card and tells him that he is 54 years old and will never have this opportunity again. He tells Jackson that he cashed in his 401k in order to cover expenses at home while he was in the house. After their conversation ends, Cliff tells the cameras that he doesn’t think the talk did any good.

Jackson tells Holly about Cliff’s guilt trip and she says that she is going to tell Cliff that she is $20,000 in debt too. Jackson tells her they aren’t going tit for tat and adds that he has his own issues outside the house too. He’s not using those as leverage.

Cliff tells Nicole that he talked to Jackson. She wonders if she should take Holly or Jackson to F2 and Cliff says that he would take Holly in a heartbeat because she road coattails all season. Cliff says that if he and Nicole are in Jury together, Jackson might not have the votes to win. He says that his final pitch to Jackson is that if he and Nicole are voting, Jackson probably won’t beat Holly. He says that if Jackson wants to give Holly $500k, he can’t stop him.

Nicole talked to Jackson and tells him she is frustrated that if she was two minutes faster in the POV that she would know how the F3 would be. Jackson wonders if Cliff would have stuck to his part of their deal if he won POV, but Nicole tells him that he would have. Nicole tells him that it hurts her that Cliff will be making it to F3 and Cliff won’t be.

It doesn’t seem like Jackson is going to be changing his mind at all, but there is still some time for Cliff to convince him. Do you think that Cliff stands a chance at F3?

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