It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 21 house it was a quiet start and then Cliff made his final pitch to Jackson on why he should stay over Holly this week. However, it didn’t do much good, in fact, it just upset Jackson even more. Find out what Cliff said and what Jackson had to say about it later right here with our Big Brother spoilers from Wednesday’s live feeds!

Yesterday morning started off with some camtalking by Cliff. He was talking about how this stage in the game is like the end of a vacation where you have seen everything and done everything and just want it to be over so you can go home. He talks about how there is so much uncertainty inside and outside the house right now. He worries about how his gameplay might be effecting his family outside the house.

He talked about how he felt sorry for some of the HGs he had a hand in evicting because he feels like they deserved more of a chance to play this game. He talks about how he didn’t trust Tommy but has realized that he was lied to about him and plans to apologize when he sees him. He also laid out his plan to talk to Jackson and explain to him some hard facts about the Jury house and how everyone in there might vote if Jackson goes back on his deal with Cliff.

Nicole and Cliff talked a little later and she tells Cliff that she talked to Jackson again the night before and that she has been dropping subtle things in their conversations that might make Jackson feel guilty. Cliff wonders if Jackson is just playing up the fact that he is wavering in order to try and preserve jury votes. Nicole tells Cliff that Jackson told her that he hoped this wouldn’t affect their relationship in the game and she told him that if he kept Cliff it wouldn’t, but if Cliff goes this week, she might have to reassess some things.

Things were quiet for most of the day and then Cliff pulled Jackson aside for his final pitch. He tells Jackson that he has a few things he wants to touch on. He first asks Jackson what changed with Jackson saying he wanted fighters in the end. Jackson told him that last week changed it because they had a F4 deal in place and Nicole planned to go back on it and Cliff was sticking by her in that decision.

Cliff asks Jackson if Holly is his number one and Jackson tells him that she always has been. Cliff wonders if that’s the case then why were there so many conversations about the F3 being Jackson, Nicole, and Cliff? Jackson said that he wanted them to get to F4 and then fight it out, but Holly was forced to throw the HOH in order to even make it to F4.

Cliff mentions that if Holly stays that maybe Jackson makes it to F2, maybe he doesn’t. Cliff says that if he stays, he can guarantee Jackson F2. Cliff asks Jackson if he is leaning towards keeping Holly and he tells Cliff that he is. Cliff then tells him that Cliff and Holly are going to look pretty good for honoring their deals, but Jackson breaking his isn’t going to look very good for Jackson. Jackson repeats how when he realized that Tommy might stay over Holly, all of that changed. Cliff throws Nicole under the bus for wanting to keep Tommy and Jackson tells him that he knows that it was Nicole, but Nicole isn’t on the block.

The final thing that Cliff brings up in his conversation with Jackson is the Jury votes but doesn’t want Jackson to get mad. He asks Jackson if he has thought about the Jury votes? He says he has. Cliff tells him that if he gets sent to Jury and Jackson is sitting next to either Holly or Nicole in F2, Holly or Nicole will get his vote. He also reminds Jackson that if Cliff gets sent to Jury and then Jackson takes Holly to F2, Nicole’s vote will also be affected. Cliff adds that if he sends Holly to Jury this week, she can go to the Jury house and advocate for Jackson to the other Jurors. He tells Jackson that if he really wants to win this game, sending her to Jury will make that easier.

After the conversation ends and Cliff leaves the HOH room, Jackson is saying to the cameras “Are you f*cking kidding me? Are you f*cking kidding me?” and adds that Cliff just made his decision to vote Cliff out easier. Jackson later tells Nicole that this conversation sealed Cliff’s fate because he won’t be bullied into voting to keep Cliff.

Jackson tells Holly about this and how Cliff told Jackson that no matter who he is sitting next to, Jackson will lose $500k to them. Holly doesn’t think that’s the case at all. Jackson mentions that either way, his decision to vote out Cliff is much easier after that conversation because he isn’t going to be bullied into a corner by Cliff. Jackson also mentions that he is so pissed that his Veto speech isn’t going to be calm, cool or collected.

Nicole camtalked a little and said that she finds it funny that Jackson has strong-armed people all season but now that Cliff is doing it to him, he can’t take it. She also called him a baby.

Cliff really did get Jackson pretty paranoid about losing though because he mentioned to Holly that he was worried he would lose. He also tells Holly later on that he is thinking about saving her with the Veto so that she has to vote, but doesn’t want to be a coward. Jackson worries that Cliff is going to be a bitter juror but Holly tells him that she thinks Cliff will calm down before they have to vote.

We ended the night with Cliff and Nicole talking about how if Nicole ends up in Jury that her vote is going to depend on if Jackson ever owns up to his game or if he continues to make excuses. Cliff is fully expecting to be voted out this week and says that Jackson has been full of excuses all season but it doesn’t seem honest because Jackson waited until after the POV to change his mind on their deal.

Jackson and Holly chatted a bit about the final HOH and he tells her that he is going to throw the first round to her once Nicole is out so that he has to go against Nicole in the second round.

Cliff definitely has Jackson thinking, but it doesn’t seem like it did any good this week. Tonight we will most likely see Cliff walk out of the doors and then the final rounds of HOHs will start tonight after the live show!

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