It was a quiet day in the Big Brother 21 house with the HGs spending most of the day lounging and relaxing. There was speculation as to what the second round of the final HOH could be and the HGs got a bit of a surprise. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers from Friday’s live feeds to get all the details here!

The HGs started their morning with an early morning HOH lockdown and when the feeds came back up, there was a full breakfast laid out for them on the kitchen table. The HGs sat around and ate breakfast, had champagne and talked about the game and what they will miss most when it’s over. They talk about what family members they think will come to finale night and Jackson mentions that he is still trying to get Sharon (Cliff’s wife) out there for finale. Holly mentions that if her father can’t come, she would love for Sharon to come with her mom. They talk about if the Memory Lane episode is on Sunday then they should be getting a visitor within the next couple days.

After a nap on the couch and a brief time of the feeds being down, we find out that during the downtime, the HGs got videos from home! Nicole and Holly talked about the family members in their videos and then Holly gets called to the DR. Jackson gets emotional and starts crying in the living room while Nicole is making tea in the kitchen. She comes out to the living room and gives Jackson a hug and he tells her he wishes he never saw that video.

The feeds cut for a short time and when they come back, Holly and Jackson are laying on the couch. Nicole comes out and gives them each a sunflower and butterfly thing she made them. When Nicole leaves, Jackson tells Holly that his heart is hurting. He starts talking about how he just wants to make his mom proud, just once. Holly tells him that when he sees them next week everything will be different and wonders if they just don’t like her. Sounded like Jackson’s video from home was not what he expected.

Nicole later tells Holly and Jackson that she will be happy if she wins R2 of the HOH, but disgusted that she has to pick one of them to go home. She adds that if one of them wins, she doesn’t expect either of them to take her but hopes that they would consider it.

Later Holly tells Jackson that she will forever have his back and he tells her that he just has to get into one of those two chairs. Jackson tells Holly that she has a job to do and she tells him that she is going to try. He tells her to make it happen.

During dinner, the HGs chat a bit. Jackson says that he has no idea what has really happened in the last 94 days, but hopes that it doesn’t affect things between any of them and that he hopes all 16 of them can move forward as friends. Jackson says that he wants to watch the entire season with his mom so that he can explain himself.

Not much happened after dinner other than Jackson getting upset with Holly for wearing something sheer into the DR. We did get a R2 HOH leak on BBAD last night and it appears that R2 will be a days and events comp of some kind which should take place sometime today. I will have spoilers for you as soon as they are available!

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