The Final 3 on Big Brother 21 spent most of the day either sleeping or being paranoid over who would take who to F2. If you decided not to watch them sleep all day, you can find out what happened when they finally got out of bed right here with our Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s live feeds!

The HGs slept until almost 5 PM BBT and when they did finally wake up, they spent some time wondering what everyone was doing in the Jury House. There was speculation that Jack and Analyse’s relationship won’t last longer than the show because they never had a real conversation about anything. They also talked about how Kat is probably fed up with Nick because she couldn’t stand him inside the house (if only they knew!).

Jackson talked about wanting to apply for Survivor when he gets out of the Big Brother house and Nicole jokingly asked him what he would do without watermelon. Nicole then mentions that she thinks she and Jackson would do well as a team on Amazing Race.

Then the paranoia of finale night started to kick in and Jackson tells Holly that he is worried about her and Nicole talking so much one on one. Holly tells him that Nicole has just been talking about how she would be easier to beat because Jackson’s resume is so strong and Nicole hasn’t won much. Jackson thinks that the Jury is going to be pretty bitter about what he did to Tommy and Cliff, but Holly thinks that they will respect it because it was a game move.

Jackson asks Holly just to give him a heads up if she decides to take Nicole with her to F2 instead of her and she asks him to do the same. He tells her that there is a zero percent chance that will happen and she says she won’t change her mind either. Jackson tells her that it scares him because he knows that Holly would have an easier time beating Nicole in a F2, but says that he trusts her. They go over possible questions from the Jury and Holly has no idea how she is going to answer any of them.

A little later, Nicole gets fed up with Holly and Jackson bickering one second and then being all lovey-dovey the next. She leaves the room to be alone for a bit and starts to talk about how much it sucks that she is stuck in F3 with a showmance. Nicole starts counting down the days and realizes she is less than 2 days away from finale night.

At one point Holly told Jackson that if he picked Nicole over Holly she is going to make sure that he gets no votes. She does mention feeling bummed for Nicole.

It looks like there will be a Holly and Jackson F2 tomorrow night on the Big Brother 21 finale, however, there is still plenty of time for Nicole to work some magic. I don’t think anything will change it, but we will see. I will have a poll for you a little later on who you think will win this season of Big Brother 21. Also, before tomorrow night’s Big Brother 21 finale, I will be covering the Survivor season 39 premiere right here on Big Big Brother!

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