It was Finale Eve in the Big Brother 21 house and the houseguests spent most of the day preparing for finale night and going back to life on the outside of the Big Brother house. We did get some campaigning later in the day and you can get all the Big Brother spoilers here with our Big Brother live feeds recap of Tuesday’s live feeds!

The HGs slept until 2 PM BBT and then went into HOH lockdown at 3 PM BBT. They didn’t get out of lockdown until after 5 PM BBT so that’s when everything started to play out.

Nicole beat herself up some more about not pushing harder to get Holly out over Tommy because now she is stuck in F3 with two people who are a “done deal” as to who they are taking and they have both won the first rounds of the final HOH. She says she doesn’t have anyone to blame but herself for that, but she is still bummed she didn’t win one of the first rounds of the final HOH. She apologizes to her family for failing.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Holly are talking about whether or not Nicole is even going to campaign. They also talk about how they are going to break the news to her that neither of them are bringing her to F2. Talks turn to how nervous Jackson is to going back to life outside the house because he is worried about what people think of him. Holly reassures him that he has her support. Jackson mentions that he is terrified that she is going to win and she says “thanks” but then adds that she is terrified she has no shot against him.

Jackson then starts to question Holly on whether or not she is planning to take Nicole over him and she tells him there’s no way. She said that it would look really bad on her if she turned her back on him and Jackson tells her that he would take it extremely personally and it would definitely sever some things between them. Holly agrees.

Nicole campaigns to Holly and tells her that she doesn’t think she would win against either of them, but doesn’t know which one of them would win against each other. She mentions that she doesn’t know how the Jury is going to go and whether or not they are going to heavily consider competition records. Talks turn to Holly’s pageant days and then back to Nicole’s campaign. Nicole just asks Holly to consider her and Holly tells her that their competition records are too close to know if taking Nicole is what’s best. Nicole tells her that she is sure people think she’s an idiot for taking a showmance to F3, but Holly doesn’t think that’s the case.

After she wraps up her chat with Holly, Jackson walks into the room and Holly leaves so that they can talk. Nicole tells him that she doesn’t know where his head is at, but she knows that they are together. She tells him that she has made light of the situation but she wants them to know that she hasn’t thrown in the towel. She wants him to consider her as a F2 option and genuinely feels like she would lose to them but doesn’t know which of them would win against each other. She tells him that if he is sitting next to him the jury will see his game as an individual game, but if he is sitting next to Holly it’s going to come down to which of the duo did a better job. Nicole also makes it a point to talk about the Final HOH winners who decided to take the wrong F2 and lost.

These campaigns really got Holly and Jackson thinking and talking. The conversation starts with Jackson telling Holly that he is going to consider Nicole but then tells Holly that he loves Nicole to death, but would never turn his back on her. They talk about who in jury would vote for either of them and Holly thinks that she has Anaylse, Kat, and Tommy, but doesn’t even know if she has Tommy. Jackson mentions that she would also have Nicole and Cliff, but Holly thinks that he would have them because they are gamers. Holly also mentions that Analyse was super bitter about Holly beating her in the first HOH she won. Holly tells him that she isn’t feeling optimistic.

Tonight we will watch as Holly and Jackson battle it out in Round 3 of the final HOH and then the winner will choose who they will take to F2. Regardless of who wins, they will both be sitting in those seats and will be face to face with Jury questions and final speeches. Who do you think will win?

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