On Friday in the Big Brother 21 house, some of the HGs took part in the Whacktivity Comp and we also had the Nomination Ceremony. We also watched while one HG who has been playing both sides of the house seemingly picked a side. Keep reading our Big Brother Live Feeds recap for all the Big Brother 21 spoilers!

We started the morning off with Jack and Tommy about how excited they are that they are playing in this week’s Whacktivity Comp. They mention how everyone who is playing in the comp is in their alliance (Jack, Tommy, Holly, Michie, and Sam) except for Sam and he hopefully doesn’t have to worry about someone messing with his HOH. He has this same conversation moments later in the bathroom downstairs with Michie, Holly, and Christie. The only thing anyone seems too concerned about is if Sam wins it and goes rogue with it.

Tommy and Analyse had a conversation in the boat room yesterday about showmances and how she worries people might think she is in one with Jack and it would hurt her game. Tommy tells her that the only way showmances hurt someone’s game is if you show that they are your “ride or die” and that you would take them with you to the end because that shows you as a pair and that’s dangerous. However, if you are just exploring a connection but playing your own game, then you aren’t seen as a threat.

Conversation between them turns to how Kat is a liability now that Michie broke things off with her. They are worried that she is going to get close to Kemi and that side of the house and blow open their entire game.

Jack tells Kat that she isn’t going up today. She is really excited about this and then gets really serious and asks “wait, are you backdooring me?” She then smiles and says she is joking, but we all know that’s a lie.

The Whacktivity Comp took place and afterward, everyone was accusing the other of having the power. Bella questioned Tommy, Jack asked Michie, Jack questioned Tommy, and this went on all night. Christie thinks that Sam won it.

When Jack told Kemi and Jess that they were going up, he did tell Jess that she was a pawn and if she won the POV he would use it to take her down. He does warn Jess that he has gotten wind of the all-girls alliance and that someone told him that Jess was the one that thought of it. Minutes later, Bella went to Jack and when asked, she told him all about the Black Widows, the all-girls alliance that includes her, Kemi, Jess, and Nicole. Bella tells him that Jess was the mastermind behind it.

After the noms ceremony, Bella told Nicole that it was her that told Jack about the Black Widows and told him that Jess was the mastermind. She told her that she did it in order to save her game. Bella told Nicole that Jack wants Kemi and then Jess to go. Nicole tells her that she needs to talk to him then because after those two are gone, Nicole will be next. Bella asks Nicole to trust her, Nicole tells her that she does trust her, but she feels like she is the one who is going to get screwed. Bella tells Nicole that she thinks that Kat had already told him about it because he picked Jess as a nom over Kat. Kemi walks into the room and Bella tells her what she did. They start talking about the noms and Bella tells Kemi that it was her that told Jack about the alliance and told him that Jess was the one who thought of it.

After this, Christie goes to talk to Jack and tells Jack that maybe Jess should be the target because Jess is less likely to win a Battle Back. She tells him that he could patch things up with Kemi if she should stay. Jack mentions that Kemi gave him a hug after their talk earlier. Christie says that’s because Kemi is real and knows she would have done the same thing if she was in the position. She calls Jess phony.

Bella and Nick have a conversation about the all-girls alliance. Bella says she wonders who told him about it. Nick tells her “you did” and she tells Nick that she only told him because he asked about it. He already knew about. Meanwhile, Nicole is talking to Jess about Jack knowing their entire plan and they are trying to figure out who told him. They only person they can think of is Bella (it was Kat last week). Throughout the night, Bella started to get really nervous that telling Jack about the alliance was a bad idea. Uh, you think?

Ovi and David got Camp Comeback uniforms last night, they look like Boy Scouts. Bella has another conversation with Kemi and tells Kemi that Jess was told she was just a pawn. This annoys Kemi because Jess is a mess when she has been told that she isn’t the target this week. (Jess had been crying all night since the noms ceremony took place)

The only other thing that happened last night was the HGs felt an earthquake. This was the third earthquake in two days that shook the Big Brother house. On the 4th of July they felt one which turned out to be a 6.6 earthquake, but it was centered quite a ways from them. They had another smaller 5.4 hit in the middle of the night that night and then yesterday’s was a 7.1 earthquake that shook the house around 8:30 PM BBT. All the HGs were fine after each incident.

There was no mention of who had the Chaos Power. We have the POV Comp coming up at some point today, I will keep everyone posted on who plays and who wins as the day goes on.

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