It was a fun day on the Big Brother 21 live feeds where one HGs was working really hard to destroy her own game, however, she isn’t just putting a target on herself. Get all you Big Brother spoilers right here with our Big Brother 21 live feeds recap!

We started the morning off with the HGs gearing up for the POV Ceremony. Before the POV Ceremony, Jackson and Kemi had a long conversation where Jackson was throwing out implications that Bella might be the one spreading all the rumors about an all-girl alliance, Kemi targeting Jack, and other things. The feeds cut for the POV Ceremony and while the feeds were down before the POV Ceremony started, Kemi told Bella every detail of her conversation with Jackson. Kemi has said it time and time again that Bella is the only one in the house that she trusts and she was looking out for Bella by telling her that Jackson was going around saying these things.

Well, after the POV Ceremony was over, Bella went to Jackson and told him everything Kemi told her and started questioning if Jackson and the rest of Gr8tful are coming after her. Mind you, they have mentioned Bella and Nick as targets in the past week, but they have bigger fish to fry. However, with Bella going back and forth with this information about Kemi and Jackson’s conversation and telling others before going to talk to him herself, she has made that target on her back, just a little bit bigger. Also, keep in mind, Bella is in a showmance with Nick, so this also puts a target on Nick’s back.

Cliff and Ovi have a chat later on and Cliff tells Ovi that he really hopes it’s Ovi that wins his way back into the game.

Bella talks to Tommy and tells Tommy that Kemi is upset with her, but she will get over it. She tells him that she wants to help Kemi, but also has to do what’s best for her game. I’m still wondering what she did that was so good for her game…

There is a conversation between Analyse and Christie about Jack. Analyse tells Christie that she feels stupid for being so into him when he clearly isn’t into her. She mentions how Jack has a big crush on Christie and that sometimes makes her jealous. Christie reminds Analyse that she is a lesbian and that his feelings towards Christie are nothing to worry about. Analyse also mentions that she is worried about how her fling with Jack is being perceived. She doesn’t want people to lose respect for her.

Jackson had another conversation with Kemi later in the evening about the stuff with Bella. He tells Kemi how Bella thought that Jackson was going to go after Bella next week if he won HOH. Kemi said she didn’t say anything like that, he tells her he knows and that this is just a big game of Telephone. Kemi tells him she just doesn’t want him to think that she is trying to spread lies and that she is on the block and now would not be the right time to do that.

Christie has a conversation with Jack about Analyse. She tells him about the conversation she had with her earlier in the day. She tells Jack that Analyse is really insecure about their relationship because she thinks that his feelings for Christie are stronger than his feelings for her (A). He tells Christie that being insecure like that is going to push him away.

Nicole and Kemi are talking about Bella starting the all-girls alliance and they think that Jackson should know the truth about the Black Widows. Jackson has another conversation with Kemi and then goes to bed. He tells Holly that Nick and Bella are coming after him and that he needs to talk to Jack. He mentions that Jack is on a power trip and isn’t seeing what’s really going on.

Kemi is working really hard to stay in this game and is really trying to make herself look loyal to Jackson and Jack in order to do so. While I don’t think that it is going to help her this week, it might help her if she ends up being the HG to return from Camp Comeback. Bella playing both sides of the house and Nick being her ride or die in the house have put bigger targets on their backs which will be beneficial to whoever returns after next week’s eviction.

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