The Big Brother 21 live feeds were filled with too much information, birthday celebrations and yet another Gr8ful meeting about who should be voted out. With the POV Meeting coming up later Monday afternoon, I’m sure we will hear about the plan about a hundred more times until Thursday. Keep reading out Big Brother live feeds recap right here for all the Big Brother spoilers from Sunday!

We started the day off with Analyse telling Christie and Holly all about her night with Jack. She confirms that they had sex and rants and raves about the size of Jack’s….well, you know.

Kemi tried to coach Bella on how she can convince Jack that Kemi isn’t a threat this week and Jess should be sent to Camp Comeback. She tells Bella that she wouldn’t put Jack up, but she hasn’t made that promise to Michie yet. She also says that she can’t make that promise to two people, especially to the two people that she would put up.

Holly talks with Analyse and tells her that she is really worried that with Michie’s ankle being hurt, that he might not be as big of a target as she is. Analyse tells her that she isn’t worried about Cliff, Nicole, and Jess on the other side. She does worried about Nick, Bella, and Sam though who are all members of their side. They think it’s a good idea to wait until after Camp Comeback before they start going after Nick, Bella, and Sam.

Meanwhile, after his sexual encounter with Analyse the night before, Jack is telling Christie that he would “lay on fire” for her. He tells her that she is his counterpart in this game. He tells her not to think for a second that he would pick Analyse over Christie because he wouldn’t.

Sam confirmed with Jess that he does not plan to use the POV this week. Oh, by the way, Jess is still swearing up and down that she didn’t start this all-girl alliance with her, Nicole, Kemi, and Bella. A little later, Sam received word that his wife’s grandfather had passed away Sunday afternoon also.

Yesterday evening on the live feeds, the HGs celebrated Kemi and Jack’s birthdays. Christie and Tommy made them each a cake. After this brief celebration, Sam and Christie have a conversation about Jess. Sam is really annoyed with her and doesn’t like that she is using her family as a weapon in this game. She is telling Sam that she came into this game to play it clean and the rest of the house is making her out to be a dirty player. She is always saying that she is saying that her family is watching. Christie is telling Sam that Jess is making it much bigger than it is.

Sam asks if the plan is to vote Kemi out still, Christie says she believes so. They spend some time taking jabs at Jack and Christie says that she would love to see someone win HOH and take a shot at Jack.

Later on, Christie and Jack talk some more about their game. He is worried that hooking up with Analyse was bad for their game and says that it was more than he ever wanted to happen. He mentions that he is over it now and asks the people watching the fans of the show not to judge him if he blows Analyse off now. Jack tells Christie that he doesn’t connect with Analyse like he does Christie and Christie is the person in the house that he cares most about. Jack even tells Christie that he won the Chaos Power and tells her what it does.

Kemi spends some time trying to campaign. She talks to Sam and tells him that she would never put him up if he used the POV to take her down. She then kind of jabs at him by saying that he is just doing what Jack wants him to do. After trying to talk to Nicole and Jess and Ovi walk into the room. After everyone disburses, Kemi cam talks and says she doesn’t know how she can try and have a conversation with anyone about the vote without Jess coming in, hijacking, monopolizing and detouring the conversation on her.

Kemi worked on Sam some more a little later Sunday night. She tells him that he would be a vote for her, she wouldn’t put him up if she stays. She tells him that Jess will most likely put up two guys (which makes sense because of her all-woman alliance). She also points out that Jack, Analyse, Michie, and Holly are the minority in the house and shouldn’t be feared the way they are. Sam says that if he were to use the POV it would be on Kemi and not Jess. He also says that the majority would be really upset if he saved Kemi. Kemi then reminds Sam that it’s his choice to make, not Jack’s and if Jack wanted to decide how it should be played, he should have won it himself.

There was another alliance meeting with Gr8ful, they all talked about the Camp Comeback twist and how whoever comes back will probably have some type of safety. He adds that he thinks that production wants David back the most. A few hours later, Six Shooters (Gr8ful minus Nick and Bella) have a meeting of their own and they talk about targeting Sam after the Camp Comeback twist is up.

Everyone heads to bed, except for Analyse who goes back up to the HOH and gets into the shower with Jack. They are clearly having sex again after Jack told Christie that he might distance himself from her. He’s going to have some ‘splaining to do, that’s for sure.

Veto Meeting is coming up later and I will have the details of what happens when the feeds come back up!

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