With the holiday yesterday, it was a pretty quiet day in the Big Brother 21 house. There was some game talk throughout the day between some of the Big Brother HGs in between their playing with their homemade slip and slide and their pizza party. Keep reading our Big Brother live feeds recap right here for all the Big Brother spoilers for Thursday! 

The HGs day started off with an earthquake. As most of you know, southern California was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake and the HGs felt it. Everyone was okay.

There was a showmance breakup on the feeds yesterday. Michie told Kat that he thought it would be best if they spent some time apart for the betterment of their game. Kat was pretty upset about this, but Michie told her that they started too strong and everyone is starting to see them as a couple. He tried to play it off like his attitude change over the last day has changed because it’s been a struggle for him to come to this decision. Kat tells him that it just makes her nervous that she doesn’t want her to be in their alliance because they are targeting her next. She also mentions that she is wondering why he has to disassociate with her, but people are talking about him being in a showmance with Holly. He shuts her down and tells her that this is about his game with Kat, not his game with Holly.

Jack told Christie that production yelled at him for using Sam’s “stomp a mudhole in her chest” quote when talking about Kemi. He used it thinking that the fans would know that it was a quote, but production told him he shouldn’t say it. After this conversation, Michie comes out of the DR and is really upset, in tears upset. He goes out to the yard, where everyone is laying out. Jack goes up to him and Michie tells him that he can’t talk about it because they (the live feeders) will go back and look for it. Michie got in trouble with production for something he said about David. Michie said that he would like to mule kick David right in the teeth.

David tried to get the HGs to play in a cornhole tournament yesterday, but Christie caught on to the fact that he was just trying to get an idea of who was working with who based on the partners they picked. Christie, Cliff, and Jack all talked about not trusting David and how he is playing too hard for someone not even in the game.

Since her “breakup” with Michie, Kat seems to be getting closer to Jessica. They sat in the hammock for a while yesterday about Kat’s paranoia and her situation with Michie. Jess tells her that it makes sense that he wouldn’t want them seen as a couple because if she is on the block while someone who Michie is clearly close to as HOH, everyone will know for sure that she’s a pawn. Sam and Nick talked later on and said that they hope Kemi wins the POV. Nick is worried that Jack will BD Nick (which has talked about).

The HGs made a slip and slide out of garbage bags and used water and laundry detergent to make it slippery. The HGs lounged a lot throughout the day, they got pizza and then POP sent them pies. Before bed, the Gr8ful alliance met to discuss the nomination plans for this week. Jack tells them that he plans to put Kemi up with Jessica and use Kat as a renom option.

Today we should see the noms happen, the feeds will be down for a little while for the Whacktivity Comp also happening today inside the Big Brother house. I will have noms spoilers for you later, but it looks like it will be Jess and Kemi on the block today. If we should get any spoilers for the Whactivity Comp, I will also pass that along!

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