The house was flipped upside down Wednesday night on Big Brother 21 when the HGs were clued in on what this week’s twist was. Camp Comeback allows the evicted HG to stay upstairs in a separate room of the house, they don’t compete or vote, but they can mingle and work on their social game. Not only did Ovi not go home last night, but David was brought back into the house on Big Brother! Find out what happened in the house when the feeds came back right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

When the feeds came back on we watched the HGs chatting about the twist and most of them have come up with the idea of not talking game with any of the Campers (Ovi, David and whoever joins them). Meanwhile, as Michie (Jackson) started doing damage control with Ovi and then with David. He told Ovi that there wasn’t anything he could do about the vote and when it looked like Ovi wasn’t going to have the votes, he had to vote with the house. He tells David that he was really surprised when David ended up losing the banishment comp. He tells David that he picked him because he knew he would beat the others and come back into the house. He also tells David that he wouldn’t blame him for any ill feelings he may have.

Ovi is still telling Jack, Christie, and Michie that he wants to work with them. However, this feeling would change a little later on in the night, but we will get to that in a second. Before that, Jack calls a house meeting and everyone sits around the table. Ovi is in the DR, but they say they will just fill him in later. Jack tells everyone that this Camp Comeback twist has changed everything. He tells everyone that they need to agree not to talk game with the Camp Comeback Campers, but then says that he isn’t making demands, just suggestions. Jack and Christie talk about how it’s only fair and that it gives the Campers a “clean slate” when one of them comes back into the game. What they fail to realize is that it isn’t fair because the fourth person to join Camp Comeback will be a fresh evictee who has been talking game the entire time.

After the house meeting, everything that Jack said about not talking game went out the window. Cliff goes upstairs to Camp with Ovi to talk to him. He tells Ovi that he doesn’t agree with Jack’s “no game talk” rule and he will keep Ovi filled in. He also tells Ovi that he thinks the next two targets are Kemi and Kat so Ovi has a good chance of coming back in the game. During this conversation, Ovi and Cliff are talking about the eviction. Cliff tells Ovi that not as many people were as eager to keep Ovi and Ovi was led to believe. This is one of two conversations that shed some light for Ovi.

Meanwhile, Jack is telling Michie that he plans to put Kemi and Jess up and then mentions a BD option, but Michie doesn’t think that BD’ing Nick is a good idea with this new twist.

A little later, Ovi is sitting in the RV room with Nicole and they are talking. Nicole apologizes for the way the vote went and tells Ovi that if the vote was really going to flip, she would have been on board. However, Jack and Michie were blowing smoke at Ovi and had no intentions of keeping him in the house. She tells him that they were going around telling people that they were going to tell Ovi that they were flipping the vote, but they were really voting him out. Ovi has realized that Jack and Michie have been playing him the entire time.

Michie and Holly have a conversation about David last night. Holly tells him that she is terrified of David and that she thinks he is there to cut throats and be the villain in the house. Michie tells her that David has this look in his eyes and then calls him the “cancer of the house.” I also want to add something from later in the night after Jack gets his HOH room about Michie and Kat. We all know that they have been in what most would consider a showmance, however, he has been getting very close with Holly the last few days or so. Kat was in the HOH room talking to Michie while he was showering and Michie tells Kat that it’s best for them to stay away from each other for a few weeks (the exact amount of time it will take to be able to get her out of the house) so that they aren’t seen as a couple and someone easy to target.

Ovi has another conversation with Cliff and tells him that he realized that people were blowing smoke about the votes. Later Ovi camtalks and says that he knows he got played by Jack, but wonder if Tommy and Sam played him too. Kemi is upset that she is going to be on the block for her birthday, Nicole says, “maybe not” and Kemi tells her then she will just worry about being BD’d.

Jack and the rest of the HGs are always talking about how no one signed releases from Jack’s friends or family. When Jack got his HOH room, the letter he got was from the person watching his dog. When David and Ovi leave the HOH, Jack talks to everyone about the house meeting from earlier to make sure that everyone is in agreeance and everyone nods, he then asks again about David specifically and everyone agrees again.

The backyard opened up for them last night with new cornhole boards and a porta-potty for when they are locked out. There was an incident with the last lockout where someone had to use the bathroom and started talking about peeing in the outdoor shower. Right before bed, Michie and Holly were talking and Michie was complaining about Kat, again. Holly tells him she wants Kat gone and Michie tells Holly that he plans on telling Kat that he is done with her in the morning.

Nominations should be today, however with the holiday, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were pushed to tomorrow. I will keep you all updated when they come through!

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