Friday on the Big Brother live feeds, some of the HGs took part in the final part of the Whacktivity Comp and then nominations were picked. After nominations happened, one HG found themselves in the center of everyone’s conversation. Get all Big Brother spoilers from inside the Big Brother house right here with our live feeds recap!

Yesterday morning, the Big Brother live feeds were pretty quiet. Nick decided on his noms and the HGs speculated what the Whacktivity Comp would consist of. The real drama didn’t happen until much later in the day. The feeds went down for just under 5 hours for the comp and when they came back up Jessica, Christie, Analyse, and Nick were explaining the comp to the other HGs. Apparently, they had to solve a puzzle where all the pieces were underneath tons of hissing cockroaches. Christie is the first one to admit that she finished the puzzle (there was a 30-minute time limit) and Jessica admitted to it right after.

Everyone seemed to think that Jessica had the power because of the way she was acting, but she told everyone that just because she finished the comp, doesn’t mean she won it. We watched as all four of the HGs denied having the power but no more than an hour after the feeds came back up, Christie was already spilling the beans to Tommy. She told Tommy that she won the comp and the power is the Diamond Power of Veto which allows her to anonymously take one nominee down at the POV Ceremony and replace them with another HG of her choosing. This power is good for one of the next four Veto Ceremonies.

Feeds cut for the nomination ceremony and when they come back up, we quickly find out that Cliff and Jessica were nominated for eviction. We also found out that just before nominations happened, Nicole went to Bella and told her that the rest of her (B) alliance is coming after her and Nick. Right after nominations happened, we see as Tommy is doing damage control in the HOH.

Everyone from Gr8ful and Sam are in the HOH room and they are all comparing notes about Nicole. Everything that Sam, Nick, and Bella mentioned that Nicole said or did in the house was true, but everything that the rest of them said about Nicole was a twisted version of the truth. Bella starts by telling them that Nicole said she had a talk with the girls (Analyse and Holly) and they said Nick and Bella were bullying her (N). Nicole told her that Analyse used the word “bullying” and Analyse flips out. Christie tells Bella that Nicole said they (N&B) play to her insecurities.

Nicole tries to go up to the HOH to see what is going on because there is a lot of screaming and yelling, but Jackson tells her “Now is not a good time,” lets Jack in and then slams the door in Nicole’s face. Nicole at that point is worried that what she told Bella is going to blow up in her face. She says she’s going to be mad if it does because all she did was tell the truth.

Ovi goes up to the HOH room, but the door is locked. He yells that not letting people in is not cool and that they are acting like an angry mob. When the group disperses, Ovi asks Jack in the SR if everything is okay, Jack is acting really nasty and says “yeah, everything is fine.” Nicole comes into the SR and asks if she is going to find out what everyone was talking about upstairs and he says “you might, I gotta go make food” and walks out the door.

Nicole and Cliff talk out what happened and after Cliff leaves the room, Nicole gets called to the DR. All of the HGs are getting ready to eat dinner and someone asks if someone is missing. Another HG yells Jessica’s name (she was in the bathroom) and then someone else mentioned that Nicole wasn’t there. Bella then says “who?” and laughs about it. Kemi relayed all this information later on while Nicole is talking to her about how she thinks that telling Bella the truth about her alliance has blown up in her face.

Christie talked to Cliff about overhearing him in the Boat Room during Cliff Notes. Christie and Tommy then go to talk to Nicole about the big blow-up earlier and Nicole tells them that Bella misconstrued what she told her. Nicole confronted Bella later on and tells Bella that she is upset that she ran and told the whole house about what she told her. She tells Bella that she confided in her. Bella tells her that she talked to Nick, then they talked to Tommy and then at that point they had to tell the rest of them. Bella says that she is upset that the two people that she trusted the most in the house has dragged her name in the mud. Bella doesn’t want to talk to her anymore but doesn’t let Nicole tell her that everything she has said to her is a lie.

Tommy was there as a witness, he tells Nicole that he is sorry that she didn’t get a chance to talk. She tells him that she is sick of them calling her names and twisting and manipulating her words, but she knows her truth and everything she has said is being recorded. They are all going to see that she was being honest and everyone else was twisting her words. Bella runs and tells Jack and Jackson what happened and tells them that Nicole was laughing at her.

Nicole warns Holly that Bella has done the same thing to Kemi and now her (N) and if she (H) isn’t careful, she will do it to her too. Nicole wants to call a house meeting and Holly tells her that if that will help her leave this house with no regrets then she should do it. Christie encourages her to speak in a group setting about it and if Bella blows up, that will help Nicole’s case.

Analyse and Christie talk before bed and they agree that they want Cliff gone this week. They agree that if Nicole ends up a renom, they will convince Nick that Cliff is a bigger threat and that getting Nicole out is bad for them this week. They agree if they win Veto, they won’t use it. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Jess that she thinks that this was planned by the other side to give them a reason to vote her (N) out.

Today is POV day and we will have a better idea of what might happen this week with the noms. Stay tuned for spoilers later today!

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