It was Power of Veto day inside the Big Brother house and a winner was named late Saturday night. Nicole was finally able to have a sit-down conversation with Nick who has made it clear to Nicole that Holly and Tommy will be around for any conversations between them. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

We started the day off with Christie, Tommy, and Jack naming their F3 LOL for “lots of love” but all it makes me do is laugh out loud. Christie disappointed the Big Brother world when she told Jack about her Panic Power.

Analyse questioned Cliff on whether or not he is targeting the couples in the house, he tells her that he isn’t and that they have done nothing but treat him well inside the house. Cliff tells Analyse that she is not his target. Cliff made the same promise to Jack about not targeting them.

Cliff and Nicole talked about the POV comp and she asks him who he would pick if he got HG Choice and he tells her that he would probably pick Jack. Nicole lets Cliff know that she will take him off the block if she wins the POV. When the players were picked, we found out that Jessica got HGs Choice and picked Christie, Cliff drew Kat’s name and Nick picked Jackson’s name.

After the player draw, Christie and Jessica are talking in the Archery Room. Christie is happy that Jessica picked her over Nicole. Christie tells her about what has been going on and how Nick and Bella want Nicole out of the house, but that isn’t the best move for her game. Nick walks in and asks Christie if she is going to use the POV if she wins. She asks “do you want me to?” Nick says he does and she asks what the plan is. He tells her that he is going to “get her out” of the house this week. Referring to Nicole. Christie says that she will use the POV on Jessica if she wins and Nick promises Jessica the same and tells her that she won’t be voted out this week.

Kat is talking to Jessica and is questioning whether Nicole is the real villain in the house. She tells Jessica that she is going to keep being nice to Nicole because no matter what, she is still a person.

Later, Kat tells Bella that she supports her and tells her that she is a number for them. Bella tells Kat that the plan is to take Jessica down and Nicole will go up in her place. Bella continues to bash Nicole about all her “lies” and thinks that America is going to destroy Kemi and Nicole over what they have done to Bella. She doesn’t think that she has done anything wrong so America won’t be upset with her. (She is clearly delusional)

Bella later accuses Nicole of manipulating Nick. She then starts saying that Nicole should have called her a bully (Nicole denies it) and she shouldn’t have thrown names under the bus (Nicole denies it). Nicole tells Bella that she is unreasonable and unable to talk like an educated adult and points out how Bella ranted at her the other night and wouldn’t let Nicole say anything before leaving the room.

Nicole announces to the room that she doesn’t care what happens but she has to say something. She says that she feels like everyone in the room knows that it was Bella that was making up stories, manipulating, twisting things and lying. She makes it a point to tell Nick that Bella is not a nice person. Nick, Holly, Analyse, Tommy, and Bella were all in the room.

Bella retells this conversation to Christie, Kat, and Jessica. Bella says that she is clearly not the source of Nicole’s problems because if she was, she would be the one in trouble this week. This made me laugh because the only reason she is safe is that Nick is HOH. Nick mentioned to Nicole that she shouldn’t try having any more conversations with Bella because it won’t be productive to do so.

Christie goes back to Jack and Tommy about the Bella and Nicole situation. Christie tells them that she doesn’t like the way Bella is handling the situation and Christie is refusing to vote out Nicole. Jack agrees that Cliff is a bigger concern for them right now and that Nicole would take a shot at Bella and Nick for them if they keep her around.

Feeds go down for the POV, when they come back up, Kat has the medallion around her neck. Christie talks to Analyse and Holly and they all agree that Nicole needs to stay this week. They talk about how Bella was lying in the conversation earlier and not Nicole. Jack and Jackson also agree that Nicole should stay over Cliff this week. Christie tells Jack that as long as the 6 of them vote to keep Nicole, they don’t have to tell the rest of the house anything. They will just secretly save Nicole.

Christie has a talk with Jessica about how Bella has been playing the part of the snake in this game. She tells Jessica that Bella has exposed peoples games and lied about people. Christie is pushing that Cliff goes this week.

Christie, Tommy, Analyse, Holly, and Jack are all talking. Christie mentions that the only reason Nick and Bella want Nicole out is that she is exposing their lies. They think that if they get Cliff out this week, David will come back and then they can all go after Nick and Bella next. They want both of them gone before Jury because if they don’t get rid of them sooner, it will be bad for them later.

So it looks like Nick and Bella have been duped by their “alliance” yet again this week. It looks like tomorrow’s POV Ceremony will be what Nick wants, Jessica to be saved and Nicole to go up. However, Nicole won’t be going home this week regardless of how hard Nick and Bella push it.

Make sure you come back tonight for all the details on the Whacktivity Comp and Nominations with my Big Brother live recap!

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