There was some drama in the Big Brother 21 house, and guess who was at the center of it? If you guessed Bella, then you are absolutely correct! There is a plan in place for Monday’s POV Meeting, but the eviction might not go to plan on Thursday. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds for Sunday!

We started the day off with Cliff Notes which Cliff is still doing every morning regardless of being heard by Christie last week. He talks about how Kaitlyn from BB20 came and hosted the POV which was a puzzle comp. He thinks that he is safe on the block next to Nicole given the recent events unless he is being fooled.

As we know, Kat won the Veto on Saturday night and she hasn’t taken the necklace off since. She slept with it on Saturday night and kept it on most of the day yesterday.

Kemi had a conversation with Nick about her eviction speech. She tells him that she kept her speech about the game and didn’t attack them personally. He tells her that he felt personally attacked because he wasn’t able to defend himself after her speech.

Tommy and Holly have a talk about Sam. They think that is they don’t get Sam out soon, he will win this game. They think that he might be a bigger threat than Nick and Bella. They also talk about how they are going to save Nicole this week and then welcome whoever comes back from Camp Comeback and get them to take a shot at Nick and Bella for them.

Jessica and Kat have a chat about Jackson. They talk about how he can’t be trusted. They think that David has the best chance of survival if he wins Camp Comeback and Kat hopes that David comes back and takes a shot at Jackson.

Tommy talked with Bella yesterday and he was validating all her issues with Nicole which was just getting Bella all worked up. Bella is upset with Nick too, says he has been obsessing over Analyse and is really upset that they were cuddling. Bella then talks about how she is worried about life back home. She mentions that she has been staying with a guy back home who thinks that they are in a relationship and now she is in this relationship with Nick.

Nick and Bella talk a little later and she tells him that he is making her look stupid after she agreed to be in this showmance. Nick tells her that he kissed her on national television, he really likes her. He tells her that when Analyse was laying on him he wished it was Bella. He then asks her if she really thought that he would leave her for someone else and she tells him yes. She tells him she is upset because she thought she could trust him.

Kat & Jessica and Holly & Jackson both had conversations yesterday about Analyse and how bad her attitude is. Holly and Jackson also mentioned that the only time Analyse smiles is when someone compliments her.

Kat has been spending a lot of time with David lately. She and David hung out in the Camp Comeback room yesterday and talked about the events of the day and talked some game together.

There was some talk between Tommy and Analyse about how they want Nicole to stay and they discussed flipping the vote to keep her this week. They also talk about targeting Nick and Sam before Bella.

Kemi tells Sam that she heard Kat complaining really loudly about how Kemi shouldn’t even be here but has been flirting with David all week. Nicole tells Kemi that she thinks it was Jackson who did the rogue vote and tried to pin it on her. Christie also confirmed to Jessica that it was Bella, not Ovi who told Jack all about the all-girls alliance. Jessica made sure to tell Christie again that it was Bella that started it and not her. Sam also lets Nick know that he suspects that Jack might have the second power.

So there was some jealousy drama revolving around Bella and Nick (surprise, surprise), even though she is clearly in a relationship back home with someone else. She is so worried about all her stuff, her car and everything he owns being at this other guys house back home, but has time to worry about Nick cuddling with Analyse. Sounds like Bella has more to worry about then a guy she has only known for a few weeks.

The plan for Monday’s POV Ceremony seems to still be in place to put Nicole up in Jessica’s place. Nick and Bella expect the house to vote out Nicole after all the drama in the house, but the rest of their alliance is still planning to flip that vote on Thursday night. These HGs change their minds like they change their showmances though so I wouldn’t count on that yet either.

I will have POV Ceremony spoilers for you a little later today!

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