It was POV Ceremony on Monday in the Big Brother 21 house and one side of the house had to make a deal in order to keep their alliance members safe from renom. Find out the details of that deal, what it resulted in and other Big Brother spoilers right here with our live feeds recap!

Yesterday morning on the Big Brother live feeds started off with Christie telling Holly and Analyse that Nick was trying to get Cliff to betray her. She explained to them that Nick pitched that Cliff should tell Christie what she wants to hear and then turn around and do something different with the renoms. Christie tells Analyse and Holly that she can’t wait to tell them all that she is using her power and that Bella is going up.

Meanwhile, Cliff was outside telling Jack and Jackson that Bella came up to his room last night and pitched the same thing to him. When Christie was done talking to Analyse and Holly, she joins the conversation and Cliff tells her the same thing. Christie is very thankful to Cliff for being honest with her and he even tells her that he told Bella he would do it as long as Christie didn’t make him swear on anything because he won’t break his word on God or his family.

At the end of this conversation, Cliff tells Christie that he will renom Bella for her so she doesn’t have to use her power if they can promise that he won’t be their target in the near future. They later shake on the agreement that Cliff will renom Bella in exchange for safety.

Cliff told Sam about the agreement he made with the Six Shooters and then word got to Bella that she would be going up. Meanwhile, Christie is gloating about how great it’s going to be to see Bella’s face when the alarms for Christie’s power don’t go off and she is renom’d anyway. She thinks she is going to be shocked, however, she already knows.

Right before the POV Ceremony, Nick talks to Cliff in the kitchen. Cliff tells Nick that his plan is to renom Bella because the other side of the house offered him safety. He tells Nick that he knows it’s a crappy situation, but he had to think of what’s best for his game. Nick tells him that they lied to him and that this will come back and bite him. Cliff tells him if that’s the case, so be it. Nick then tells the Live Feeders that they might as well stop watching the feeds and the show because Jack has already won.

Everyone in the house (and outside of the house for that matter) thought it was stupid for Cliff to make this deal with them instead of making Christie use her power.

Nick goes outside and talks to Jack. Nick is clearly emotional and Jack is consoling him. Nick tells him that he hopes that the alliance will trust him going forward otherwise he will be out next week. Jack tells him not to give up and that they still have a few days before the live vote. Nick tells him that Bella is gone and then tells him that he feels stupid even crying to Jack because he is the one sitting next to her. Jack tells him that he understands that he is hurting. Nick makes a comment that all Bella had to do was keep her mouth shut and they had a smooth ride to F8.

Feeds go down for POV Ceremony, when they come up I hoped that Cliff had blindsided Christie and renom’d her instead of Bella, but that wasn’t the case. Jackson used the POV to take himself down, Christie didn’t use her power, and Cliff renom’d Bella.

There was a chat between Nick and Tommy after the POV Ceremony where Nick asked Tommy if he still wanted to work with him. Tommy said that he did, but it didn’t sound convincing at all and Nick calls it out. Tommy tells him that he heard that Nick was trying to get Tommy renom’d instead of Bella and Nick gets upset. The conversation turns to if Jack stays this week, he wins, no one is going to beat him. He tells Tommy that even if they flip their vote and take Jack out of the house, that side of the house still has the numbers to sail to the end. Nick then tells Tommy that he hopes he is next to go so that he doesn’t have to sit in Jury just to watch Jack win it all.

Nick, Bella, Sam, and Cliff are all talking after this and Cliff says that he is sorry and feels like he let them all down. Nick tells him it wasn’t his fault, Kat snaked on him (it was actually Jess that told Christie about Nick’s pitch). Cliff apologizes again and tells them that they aren’t the only ones who are screwed, it’s just a matter of what order they go in.

Bella and Nick talk about how she is going to campaign. She mentions that she could pitch the idea to Jackson and Holly to vote to keep Bella and then pin the rogue votes on Jessica and Kat. He tells her that she can try, but he doesn’t think that they will do it. Talks turn to her being happy that she can go home and move on with her life (like move out of her boyfriend’s house?).

The house gets quiet for a while, just lounging and hanging out then Bella starts to do her campaigning. She started with Nicole, yes the same Nicole that she burned last week. She tells Nicole that if she votes to keep her, she will have three votes for sure. She adds that she wants to get Jackson and Holly to flip the vote and pin it on Kat and Jessica. Bella tells Nicole that if they keep Jack this week, it’s just going to make this game harder for them later. Nick adds that they don’t realize that this isn’t a team game. Nick also promises to do the best he can to keep Nicole safe moving forward.

Jackson has been in a mood the last few days and it’s been rubbing his alliance the wrong way. Christie is annoyed that he is acting childish and won’t even talk to Holly.

Sam tells Nick and Bella that his game is screwed because the house is associating him with Nick and Bella. Sam wants to hold a house meeting and Nick tells him to do it and that he will take full responsibility for everything. Christie tells Sam that he should wait until people aren’t so mentally exhausted, but he called a house meeting about an hour later.

Sam tells the house that Analyse mentioned not feeling comfortable talking to him because she feels like Sam is untrustworthy. Sam says that he knows that he is associated with Nick and Bella and then asks Nick if he put his name into this. Nick admits to wanting to get Cliff to lie to Christie so she wouldn’t use her power and Sam adds that he had nothing to do with that.

Nick tells everyone that he isn’t trying to win HOH next week, he knows he is going up and it’s just a game. Nick gets emotional and then adds that he took a shot to try and get Jack out and missed. He says that he can’t beat Jack, he was just trying to keep him and Bella safe. Christie tells Nick that they don’t fault him for playing the game and that they shouldn’t count themselves out just yet. Things change in this game all the time.

Jackson tells Nick that he has to stop saying things like “I’ll never beat Jack” and being so negative. Bella told him the same thing earlier. He tells him that he can’t have the mindset or he will go home next week because he is willing it to happen. The house meeting ends with Nick promising that he didn’t mean to tie Sam to this and that he had nothing to do with Nick’s plans.

Nicole and Cliff later go over the votes. Cliff promises that he will vote to evict Jack in the event of a tie, but doesn’t think it’s likely to happen. Nicole knows they have to worry about Kat running back to the Six Shooters if Bella campaigns to them. Tommy comes in so the conversation ended.

The night ended with a conversation between Jackson and Holly. He runs through why he got so upset about her “you’re not as fit as you were when you came into the house” comment. Apparently, he is very insecure (gee, I didn’t notice!) and tells her that he needs her to compliment him more among other things. She promises that she was just joking with him when she made her comment.

We watched Cliff’s HOH go down in flames yesterday, but we still continue to hope for a flip vote. It’s not likely to happen, but this is Big Brother. Bella has Nicole on her side and she is starting to plant “we have to get Jack out” seeds with Jess. With any luck, they can at least get it to tie and Cliff can vote him out. We will have to wait and see what happens on Thursday.

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