Saturday was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 21 house and the Six Shooters knew that it would come down to this. The POV players were picked, the POV winner was named and now it’s time to find out what the plan is going forward. Keep reading my Big Brother live feeds recap for all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house!

So we started the morning with the POV Player draw. When the feeds came back, we found out that Jack used his power during the POV Player draw. The first three players that were picked her Holly, Jess, and Sam and Jack knew that he needed more people on his side if he was going to come out of this. He used his power and the redraw gave him Analyse, Kat, and Sam. So maybe a little bit better, but with Kat, you never know.

Before the POV Comp, Cliff had a chat with Nick and Bella. Their plan is to try and talk Christie into not using her power. Cliff says that he will promise not to renom anyone else from her group, but then he will do it anyways. Cliff tells them that he would probably put Tommy or Holly up next to Jack because he knows that neither of them would be voted out over Jack.

Meanwhile, Christie is talking to Jackson, Analyse, and Jack about trying to get Nick to work with them after they take Bella out. Christie tells them that she promised him that he would be safe and she thinks he misses working with them. Analyse is not happy with the plan to save Nick.

The POV Comp happens and when the feeds come back up we see Jackson wearing the medallion. Jackson thinks that Christie will use her power on him so that he can renom Bella in his place. Jackson and Kat celebrate his win and then talk about Bella needing to go out this week. Holly thinks that Nick should go up this week. Bella would be in shambles over it. Analyse is wondering if Christie is going to use her power. Jack tells her that he would understand if she didn’t but if she doesn’t use it, even she could end up on the block.

Christie spent most of the day worrying about whether or not she should use her power. Kat tells Christie that Cliff said he would renom Tommy if she doesn’t and Christie is set on using it to save Tommy from being put up. Right after this, Christie talks to Nicole and she tells Nicole that she knows not using the power now and saving it in case she needs it later is best for her game.

Cliff and Christie have a talk. Cliff tells her that he agrees that Bella is bad for this house and needs to go. Cliff also tells Christie that his renom choices are Analyse or Holly. He promises her not to renom Tommy if she doesn’t use her power. He tells her that he would let her pick whether Holly or Analyse to go up against Jack. Christie tells him that she will let him know what she decides.

She then goes down to talk to Jack but doesn’t tell him the whole truth. She tells him that Cliff asked for two weeks of safety and promised to put Bella up if she didn’t use her power. Jack then goes to Jackson and Holly to tell them this but then asks them not to say anything because he isn’t sure he is supposed to tell anyone.

Christie updates Tommy on her discussion with Cliff. She also tells him that Cliff would put Bella up if she didn’t use the power. Christie then tells Analyse about her talk with Cliff with the same details she told Jack and Tommy.

Meanwhile, Nick is vowing to Bella that he would put Christie up if she uses her power to renom Bella.

Cliff has vowed that he will lie to get Christie not to use her power and clearly she is ready to do the same. She is definitely setting herself up for a good “he betrayed me!” after Monday’s Veto Ceremony happens. I can’t wait to see the fallout from that! As of right now, it seems as though Christie will not be using her power because she has Jack convinced that Bella will be sitting next to him on Thursday night. We shall see what happens throughout the next couple of days. As usual, I will keep you all posted.

Make sure you come back tonight for my full live recap as the HOH comp plays out and the noms are put into place.

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