On Sunday in the Big Brother 21 house, the HGs continued to try and figure out what Cliff’s plans were for Monday’s POV Ceremony. Christie was still trying to decide whether or not she is going to use her Panic Power to renom Nick. Keep reading our Big Brother live feeds recap for all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house on Sunday!

Christie had a conversation with Sam yesterday on the feeds about how she is considering using her power because she is afraid someone will come after her next week if she doesn’t. Sam told her that Holly, Analyse, and Jackson won’t vote Jack out so they really need to take the shot now while they can. Christie also tells Sam that she won’t be able to work with him and Nick if Bella is still in the house.

Cliff talked with Nicole about everything going on. He told her that deciding whether they are going to take Jack out or just take out Bella this week would be easier if he knew what Nicole and Jessica’s plans were. Nicole tells him that she will likely vote out Jack and mentions that they would also need Kat’s vote or they won’t have enough. It also depends on if Christie uses her power and renoms Bella or if Bella isn’t sitting on the block and has a vote. Cliff tells Nicole that he gave Christie the choice between Holly and Analyse as renoms if she promised not to use her power. Cliff and Nicole also solidified their F2.

Cliff talked to the Six Shooters separately yesterday also. He promised Tommy that he wouldn’t put him or Christie up as a renom, just as he promised her. Cliff talked to Jack and Jack promised him safety and explains to Cliff that he was never his target. Jackson is next and he tells Cliff that he respects his gameplay and Cliff tells him that it was an even trade-off for being banished day one.

Cliff went back to Nicole and tells her that Christie is likely going to use her power because everyone knows about it and she doesn’t want to be disliked by anyone. He mentions maybe offering to put Bella up if she doesn’t use it, but Nicole mentions that it would allow Christie to keep her power for a couple more weeks. Cliff is frustrated because of this. He tells Nick that Bella will most likely go up because it is looking like Christie is going to use her power. Nick tells him that he will get revenge on Christie if she makes that move. Nick also tells Cliff that if Jack stays, the six of them will just pick each of them off one by one. He also warns Cliff that he is being lied to about the safety and that they will put Cliff up next week.

Cliff talked to Kat also and asked her how she would vote in the Jack vs Bella scenario. She tells him that she is worried that her game would be blown up if she voted against Jack. Meanwhile, Nick tells Jackson that he won’t be mad if they go after Bella because he is playing his own game. Right after that, we watch as Nick tells Sam that he is going to tell all the Six Shooters that he is fine with Cliff renoming Bella so that Christie doesn’t think she needs to use her power.

Jackson also had a talk with Analyse and Tommy about Holly. He is talking about how Holly has been talking about not wanting to have sex on camera and how she is uncomfortable having a relationship on camera. Jackson tells them that she is having a hard time deciding on whether or not to end things with him so he is going to make the decision for her and end things. He tells them that he will see her in 67 days. Tommy and Analyse tell him that it makes sense for him to do that.

He then had a conversation with her later. He is coming off as very annoyed with her because she doesn’t want to do anything physical on camera. She tells him that they just have to be more careful about where they do it. Jackson tells her that there isn’t anywhere in the house without a camera or a microphone. She is getting upset because of his tone and how awful he is being towards her. He continues to twist her words and is basically breaking up with her and she tells him he is being dramatic. She tells him to stop putting words in her mouth and that he has no idea what she is thinking. He tells her to go get some sleep, she tells him the same and then tells her that sleep isn’t going to change how he feels about this.

Nick talks to Bella and tells her that she really messed up by saying she would target Christie. Nick mentions that Cliff could always say he is going to renom Bella and then not do it. Jessica has a conversation with Nicole about how Christie wants to work with them and Nicole tells her that if Christie really wanted to work with them, she should agree to vote out Jack. Jessica then goes to talk to Christie and Christie tells her that she isn’t going to work with the couples. They then talk about how Bella admitted that she wanted to target Christie.

Based on conversations in the house it really looks like Cliff’s HOH is going downhill fast. There is still a chance that Christie doesn’t use her power and Cliff renoms Holly or Analyse. It does seem that Christie is looking for a reason not to use her power because she wants to keep it for herself. The POV Ceremony is happening later today and I will have all the spoilers for you later.

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