Holly spent the day yesterday trying to figure out what she is going to do at today’s Veto Ceremony on the Big Brother live feeds. Her alliance has been pushing for one person to go home and that has her and Jackson wondering why. Keep reading to find out all the Big Brother spoilers from Sunday and who we could expect seeing on the block during the POV Ceremony right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

We started the day off pretty late, the HGs weren’t fully out of bed until sometime after 11 AM BBT. Sam was talking to Cliff first thing and he is trying to figure out who might be sitting next to him after Nick uses the POV on himself. Meanwhile, Analyse and Tommy are talking about how keeping Sam could be good for them going forward and Analyse mentions that she knows Nick and Sam inside the house is still a problem, but she wants Nicole gone before the double eviction.

Holly talks to Jack and Jackson about Nicole also. She is frustrated that Nicole is floating through the game and in this conversation, there are talks about keeping Sam in order to go after Tommy and Christie. Seems like they are all starting to realize that they aren’t going to be able to make these moves against their alliance on their own.

Christie talks to Tommy later and he tells her that he is happy that Nick is coming off the block and still thinks that Sam needs to go this week. Christie tells Tommy that she is done targeting “weak” players because they don’t threaten her game anyway. Analyse was on a “Nicole has to go” kick again yesterday and she tells Christie and Tommy that if Sam is going this week, then Nicole has to go next.

Kat goes to talk to Holly. Kat has been the renom option because it will disassociate her from the group and they think that Nick will trust her more if it looks like she isn’t working with them. Kat tells Holly the only thing that worries her about going on the block next to Sam is that Jackson might try and flip the vote and get her out instead. Holly tells her that the house likes her too much and that won’t happen. Kat agrees to be the renom and Holly tells her that she is completely safe. In this conversation, Holly mentions to Kat that Jack is starting to annoy her, but it’s too early to get on his bad side.

Holly then has a long conversation with Sam. Sam tells Holly that he told Nick that their friendship inside the house needed to be over because he was sick of the “guilty by association” stuff going on. He says that if he stays, he will continue to keep his distance from Nick and Holly mentions how Nick is promising to earn the trust back from the six. She wonders how that would work if Sam stays and is trying to work with them also. Sam says that they can work together without anyone knowing. Sam pushes for Nicole to be put up and Holly warns him that even if Nicole goes up, he might still go home. Sam’s plan is to campaign hard regardless and hope that people choose to keep him around.

After this conversation, Holly talks to Christie and Tommy. Holly tells them that Nicole has made waves inside the house and has been thinking of putting her up and seeing who votes for who. Christie tells her that Sam would probably still go home and Holly adds that she has then made an unnecessary enemy out of Nicole. Christie keeps pushing for Sam, Tommy tells her that if she wants to go after Nicole then that’s how he will vote. Holly tells them that if she puts Nicole up, she would want her gone since she put her up and made an enemy out of her. Holly is called to the DR, Tommy leaves right behind her and Christie leaves a little while after. On her way out of the room, she mouths “bullsh*t” to the camera.

Jackson tells Holly right after this conversation that if they are pushing that hard for someone to go then there is a reason. Holly tells him that it is what’s best for their agenda, but not necessarily theirs (H&J). Jackson tells her to think on it before making any final decisions and she tells him that she has been and heads to the DR.

The cracks started to show really bad inside the Six Shooters alliance last night. Christie talks to Analyse and tells her that she thinks that Holly is determined to put Nicole up (mind you, Analyse has been pushing her to do it too). Analyse tells Christie that Holly plans to meet with Sam in the morning to go over things with Jackson. She also tells Christie that Jackson and Jack were whispering in the HOH room earlier. Christie is getting paranoid. Analyse talks to Tommy about Jack and Tommy tells her that Jack isn’t being shady, Christie is just being paranoid. Christie talks to Kat about Holly seemingly wanting to keep Sam in the house. She tells Kat that she won’t vote to keep Sam no matter who the target is.

Jackson has a conversation with Cliff about the people that have to go and implies that the targets within the six have to start going. In this conversation, he makes a formal offer to Cliff for him to work with Holly and Jackson. Cliff tells him that he isn’t afraid to make shots and Jackson tells him he knows that, but this time he would have the support of him and Holly.

Later on, Christie calls out Sam on a lot of things in front of Jack, Cliff, and Jessica. Holly and Jackson were listening outside the door. After this, Christie retells this conversation to Holly and overexaggerates it like she always does. Holly got all worked after Christie left up because she realizes that Christie overexaggerated everything and that Christie has been operating this way the whole time.

Analyse then talks to Holly about her wanting to keep Sam. Holly tells her that she needs to make sure that getting Sam out is the right thing to do. Jackson is frustrated with Christie. Christie goes up to talk to Holly a little later. Jackson wants to know who told her that he was working with Nick and Sam. Christie suggests that it had to have been Kat. There was then a conversation with Tommy, Christie, and Holly where they think that Analyse is pushing to keep Sam because she has a F2 with him. Holly goes back to Jackson with this and wonders if Analyse wants Sam to stay so he will take a shot at them (H&J). Kat later joins in and says that Analyse can’t be trusted.

Regardless of all of this back and forth, Holly told Jack last night that she wants Nicole out this week. Jack tells her that he will support her with whatever she wants to do. If Holly makes this move and keeps Sam in the house, there is going to be fireworks going forward and the Six Shooters as we know it will be done. It’s also kind of funny that everyone seems to think that Sam is going to help their side of the house. It will be interesting to see where he lands in this plan if he stays.

Today is the POV Ceremony, I will have spoilers for you as soon as they are available. As it stands, it should be Nicole being renom’d in Nick’s place if the plan is to try and save Sam. If Holly decides to stick to the plan of getting Sam out, Kat will most likely be the renom. We will see what happens later on!

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