After almost two and a half hours last night, we have a new HOH in the Big Brother house. After the HOH comp on the Big Brother live feeds, we watched as one of the Six Shooters got really upset at one of their alliance members. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

After the HOH comp ended with Holly as our new HOH, Analyse was very upset and loudly voicing her opinion to Christie in the backyard. Analyse was upset that Holly was going to drop from the comp so that Analyse would win, but Jackson kept telling Holly not to make any deals and to stay up there. Analyse was confused by this because she thought they were all a team. Yes, she used the word team because apparently, she doesn’t realize only one of them can take home the $500,000 at the end of the season.

HNs ended a couple of hours early because all the HNs were taking hot showers and eating regular food. Meanwhile, Jessica is telling Kat that she hopes that Holly’s HOH doesn’t become Jackson’s HOH. Kat says she kind of hopes it does because he will make everyone mad. A few minutes later, Kat is Analyse’s shoulder to cry on about the whole Jackson thing. Analyse mentions that she loves Holly, but she needs a bigger backbone.

Christie talks to Jack and Analyse about wanting Nick and Sam up this week but Holly had mentioned putting Nick up with a pawn. They all seem a little worried that Sam will win the POV and save Nick and then neither of them would be going. Christie is also worried about Bella warning Jackson and Holly that they would be the first ones cut from the Six.

Jackson talked to Cliff about how Cliff is safe this week and doesn’t have to do any campaigning to Holly. Jackson also mentioned that Nick warned him about Christie saying she would take a shot at Jackson if she won HOH. Cliff knows that this is true but plays it off like it’s not.

When it was time for Holly’s HOH reveal, she had to go searching for the HGs instead of them all being gathered for the reveal. When everyone gathers in the HOH, Holly reads her letter from her parents. After the HOH reveal, Jess makes her pitch to Holly and tells her that she will vote whatever way Holly wants her to come Thursday.

Kat’s vote for Jackson at the live eviction could be expected every week until he is gone because that’s what she told Jess she was going to do. Kat also fills Jessica in on how it was Jackson who threw the rogue vote out there a couple of weeks ago. She also mentions that Christie wants Jackson out and they just need to be patient, but what she fails to think about is they will pick them all off before they start eating their own.

Jackson was suggesting she put Sam up with a pawn like Nicole and then backdooring Nick if Sam wins Veto. However, the rest of her alliance wants to see Nick and Sam go up together in case one wins the POV, they will vote out the other. There have been some cracks in the Six Shooters already, which could also make for drama inside the house.

HNs and Noms will be named a little later today so stay tuned for my spoilers coming up a little later today!

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