It was a much calmer day in the Big Brother 21 house and the plan for today’s POV Ceremony was put into place. Find out what the POV winner plans to do with the POV and who the target is for this week’s live eviction right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

We started the day in the Big Brother house with Tommy’s punishment waking him up at 6:10 AM BBT. After the HGs got their wake-up call, the feeds cut and an Alien visited the house as part of Jack’s POV punishment. The feeds went down and came back up a few times yesterday as part of this punishment. It seems to be a lot like Brett’s gramma punishment from what we heard about the Alien’s visit.

Christie told Analyse yesterday that if Jackson stays this week and she wins HOH, she isn’t going after Jackson. She says she is going to go after the people who kept him in the house. She specifically mentions Kat’s name in this. Later on, Christie has a conversation with Tommy about how they would put Holly and Kat up if they won HOH next week and they would let Jackson stay because no one will vote for him in the end. Christie and Tommy had a conversation with Jessica later about understanding why Jack was being targeted, but adding that if Jackson stays this week, he stays for the long term. Jessica tells them she doesn’t see that happening.

Nick and Nicole talk and he is upset that Jessica doesn’t seem to trust him and has been questioning his loyalty. He says that he is going to try and spend less time with the Shooters. Nicole questions why Nick was mad when Jessica won the POV and he tells her it was just because as a competitor, he wanted to win it himself. Nicole warns Nick that Jessica was tempted to blow up his entire game after that but Nicole was able to talk her out of it. Nick later promises Jess that he is set on voting Jack out.

Jessica thinks that Nick is trying to talk her into taking Jackson down and putting Tommy up so that she has more blood on her hands after her HOH.

Tommy tells Analyse that he thinks that Jack is going to be voted out this week and he doesn’t see a reason to fight it, but Analyse isn’t giving up. Tommy suggests that they try and get Jackson and Holly back on board with them, but Analyse doesn’t think that’s going to happen. Christie also noticed that Nick and Nicole were talking and there wasn’t any talk about the vote which makes her think that Jack is going to be voted out, but Christie thinks that they might be able to sway Cliff by telling him that there is an all-girls alliance.

Nick talks with Jack and tells him that if the vote is going to be 4-4, he has to vote to evict Jack. He also tells Jack and Analyse that Christie is the most dangerous person in the game right now because she is only loyal to whatever side of the house has power.

Jack tells Cliff that he can join their alliance if Jack stays. He tells him that it’s clear that Jess and Kat are together and asks Cliff where that leaves him? Later, Analyse asks Cliff how he is voting because she needs to figure out what to do. He tells her that he has no idea, but he is worried that if he keeps Jack that he will be targeted. Analyse tells Cliff that he would be safe with her and Jack if he voted Jackson out instead. He told her that he would talk to her again in a few days. Later in the evening, Cliff went and talked to Jessica, Kat, and Nicole about his talks with Analyse and Jack.

Nick goes to Analyse and tells her that Cliff is a solid vote against Jack. She tells him that she was hoping she could sway him, but Nick said none of the promises they made to Cliff helped flip his vote. Analyse is wondering if Christie is the reason Jack was nominated, but Nick tells her this was all Jack’s doing. Nick tries to give Jack and Analyse suggestions on how to get back in with the rest of the house. Nick warns them that they have to be careful with Christie. Jack tells Analyse that if he is evicted this week, she needs to watch out for Christie. Nick says that the DE would be a great time to go after Christie because she won’t have time to talk herself out of it.

So as it stands, Jessica will not be using the POV in today’s POV Ceremony. Jack is still set to be walking out of the door on Thursday and that doesn’t seem to be changing either. I will have confirmed results of the POV Ceremony a little later today!

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