It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother house on Wednesday and Jack and Jackson spent most of the day talking to the rest of the HGs. One was campaigning and the other, well, wasn’t. Get all the details of what happened inside the Big Brother house right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap. Make sure you come back throughout the day for more Big Brother spoilers and our Eviction Poll and predictions coming up a little later today!

Jackson spent most of the day telling everyone that he wasn’t going to campaign against Jack. One, he made a promise to Jack early in the game that he was going to work with him, not against him. Two, he knows there is no reason to campaign against him because the majority of the house is going to be voting him out.

Tommy tried to feel Nick out a bit yesterday with a conversation about the vote. Tommy said that Analyse dates Jack, Christie is on the opposite side of the house, what reason does he have to support Jack? He tells Nick that he has more of a reason to support Jackson going into this eviction because Jackson seems to be the one staying this week. He does ask Nick to let him know who he is voting for beforehand so that Tommy knows if there is a chance that Jack could stay because then he will vote to keep Jack. Tommy was clearly fishing for information.

Jack had a plan to campaign to Cliff and offer him safety from Jack, Analyse, and Tommy for three weeks. He also had a plan of “blackmailing” Kat and making it known that he is prepared to go to Jessica with the fact that Kat knew about the flip vote to evict Cliff well before the eviction took place. Jack was planning on waiting until today to do this campaigning, but Analyse was worried that he might have been waiting too long and Nick was able to talk Jack into doing it a little later in the day after Dinner. I’ll get back to what happened there in a second.

Jackson talked to Jack and Christie yesterday at separate times as an attempt to iron things out on a personal level. He talked to Jack first about what happened last week and they were able to salvage a friendship for outside the house. Jackson made a joke to Jack that if they are going to go to Vegas together then Jack is going to have to work on his poker face because he is a terrible liar.

Jackson talked to Christie and tells her that he really didn’t want to be sitting next to Jack on eviction night but tells her that he isn’t going to campaign against her. He tells her that his chat with her is more to hash out what happened last week. Christie starts to cry and tells Jackson that he was never her target and that she had no intentions of going after him until she had to in F6. Jackson tells her that the walls are thin in this house and that he has heard a lot of things that have been said and then tells her that every personal jab she has made about his character has been heard by the entire country. He tells her that he has a life outside this house. She apologizes and tells him that she will stand by him outside of the house. Jackson apologizes for yelling at her but then tells her that he sometimes has to in order to get a word in.

Nick has been playing both sides of the house and telling them everything they want to hear when it comes to the vote this week. He assured Kat, Jessica, and Nicole that he is voting to evict Jack this week no matter what it might seem like. Nick says that it will be a 5-3 vote. Kat says that Jack has to go this week and then Christie and Tommy. Nicole makes sure to throw Analyse’s name out there and Kat says she always forgets about Analyse because she is irrelevant. Kat and Jessica think that they would want Tommy to go first.

Christie tells Tommy that she is done talking about how much she wants Jackson out because it’s probably making everyone want to keep him.

Cliff talks to Nick and tells Nick that he doesn’t really plan to tell Jack that he is voting him out tomorrow. Nick adds that even if they did join the six, they would be at the bottom. Nick said that he doesn’t think it’s worth it to keep Jack in the house.

Jack talks to Cliff and tells him that Kat knew about the flip vote that sent Cliff to Camp Comeback. Cliff mentions how she voted to keep him and Jack tells Cliff that she still knew that the votes were there to get Cliff out and didn’t tell him. Jack tells Cliff that he just wanted him to know that so that he can build some trust with Cliff. Cliff doesn’t really seem to care though.

The feeds went down for two hours for the Halfway Party and when they came back, we got a conversation between Kat and Jack. Kat tells him that she felt like she wasn’t allowed to be in with the cool kids. Jack tells her that he wanted her to be their 7th, but Kat tells him that Nicole and Nick were offered the 7th too. Kat tells him that she knows that people are regrouping and starting to think ahead and still no one has talked to her. He mentions not wanting to be tied to an alliance anymore and just protecting certain people. Kat tells him that she doesn’t want to keep someone in the house that might have a hand in her being evicted in a couple of weeks.

Kat tells Jack that she heard talk about the six being salvaged and Nick and Cliff being brought in. She then asks if that means that her, Nicole, and Jessica are on their radar. She adds that it doesn’t make her comfortable at all. Jack doesn’t really say much while Kat is talking, but he does tell her that the only game decision he has made was to send Kemi out. He does not bring up the blackmail in this conversation.

Nick tells Nicole that Jack is trying to pull him and Cliff into the six, but they both agree that they will never really be part of the six and he wouldn’t join without her. Nicole tells Nick that Kat is on the same page as far as noms for next week and Nick adds that he would put Christie and Jackson up together and because Analyse doesn’t trust Christie, they would have her support to get Christie out.

Christie tells Jack and Tommy that she thinks Cliff really wants to be in with the cool kids and she thinks he will vote with them. Jack says that they need to think of a new alliance name.

Cliff tells Kat that he thinks Jack thinks he has something on her and he is planning to use it against her to get her to keep him. Meanwhile, Jack is planning to talk more to Cliff before the eviction and then “bury Kat.” Later, Cliff’s Angels talk about Jack’s plan to blackmail Kat and they already suspect that it’s about Kat knowing about the vote flip. They continue to talk about Jack and Christie and how Jack’s actions against Jackson prove that he can’t be loyal and Christie trying to play both sides of the house.

There was a little bit of chit chat before the HGs went to bed. They are talking about who they are going to target going into next week. It seems like Christie is the main target and Jackson or Tommy could be sitting next to her. They also talk about if this is a DE (it isn’t) then Christie and Jackson will go after each other. It doesn’t look like Jack’s plan to flip the vote is going to work at all and Jack should be the one to walk out of the door tonight on Big Brother.

I’ll have a better idea about who is going home when the HGs wake up for the day and Jack puts his plan to blackmail Kat into play. Not that I think this is going to make any difference at all. Make sure you come back for my eviction poll, eviction prediction, and all my spoilers later on tonight!

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