It was a busy day inside the Big Brother 21 house with America’s Field Trip playing out and the Nominations Ceremony taking place. Find out which HGs played in America’s Field Trip, which HGs were nominated and more Big Brother spoilers with our Big Brother live feeds recap! Make sure you check back throughout the day for our Power of Veto results also!

We started the day quite early with a 7 AM wake-up call. The HGs spent most of the day trying to figure out why they were woken up so early and even started to worry after some of them noticed the “Nominations Today” message was not on the living room television. Some HGs speculated that it was a luxury comp, but then remembered that last week’s veto was a prize and punishments POV. They also thought that maybe there was going to be a surprise eviction which really got them all paranoia. Then the feeds went down.

After four hours, the feeds came back up to Christie crying and Jackson celebrating. We found out that this was because they just finished competing in America’s Field Trip. Jackson won safety for the week, Christie became the third nominee for week 7, and Analyse got a pretty lame punishment of having to wear a chicken suit for a week. That’s it, not clucking and acting like an idiot, just has to wear the suit.

Christie is freaking out because she is worried that if she is on the block on Thursday, Jackson and Holly will vote her out. Nick tells her not to worry and promises that if he is picked to play in the POV and wins, he will take her down. After Christie goes downstairs, Tommy tells Nick that Christie can not go home on his HOH. Tommy tells Nick that his only options for noms are Cliff and Kat. Nick asks if Cliff is his target and Tommy tells him Kat is. Tommy tells Nick that if Kat goes home, everyone loses an ally because she is working with everyone in the house. Tommy also mentions that he thinks he would have been in America’s Field Trip if he wasn’t HOH.

Downstairs, Christie is wondering what the mentality was behind the voting for America’s Field Trip. She is freaking out over the thought that America might hate her. Kat and Jessica tell her that it was probably because they were the most talked-about after the fight last week. Meanwhile, Cliff is telling Nicole that getting rid of Christie this week would be an easy way for Tommy to get rid of Christie because there wouldn’t be any blood on his hands from it. Kat tells Nicole that she doesn’t want to get rid of Cliff this week and Nicole mentions getting rid of Christie if she is still on the block.

Christie and Tommy talk about the vote if Christie is still on the block on Thursday. Tommy tells her that Kat can’t win the POV because if she does, Nicole will go up and Cliff will go home. Tommy also tells Christie that they have to work at getting Jackson and Holly on their side so that if Christie is on the block on Thursday, she won’t go home (fat chance of that happening).

Feeds cut for nominations and when they come back, Kat and Cliff are on the block. Kat is crying, per usual, but Jackson comes in and tells her that she will be fine because the people in the house love her. Jackson offers to play veto for her if she gets HG Choice. Jessica tells Kat later not to pick Jackson and Kat tells her that she isn’t stupid, she’s picking Jessica if she gets HG choice.

Holly and Jackson talk later on about what they are going to do because Tommy wants them all to work together. Jackson tells her there is no way he is working with Christie and that he cringes every time he thinks about it. Jackson says that if they flip on Tommy, they will have a week to figure out how to deal with it because Tommy can’t compete in the next HOH. Holly is worried about being at the bottom of the other side of the house if they vote out Christie but then realizes that it would really just even things out because they have Kat on their side.

Jackson also realized that the America’s Field Trip vote had to have been America’s least favorite HGs because no one votes their favorites into a comp with two punishments and one reward (ding, ding, ding, tell him what he’s won!). Holly wonders what there isn’t to like about Analyse and Jackson tells her that he can think of a few things.

Christie is still being paranoid and telling Nick that if Tommy doesn’t shift his target to Cliff, Christie will go home because no one is going to vote Kat out over Christie. Nick tells Christie that if Nicole won’t vote with them, he will tell her that he can’t protect her anymore. Meanwhile, Nicole is talking about how she can’t tell if Nick is trying to help or hurt her game and Kat is telling her that he is only trying to help his own game.

Christie then goes to Analyse and tells her that no one is going to vote out Kat. Christie also says that Tommy thinks that Jackson and Holly will, but she knows they won’t. Analyse then goes to Tommy and tells him that if Christie stays on the block, he has to be okay with Cliff being the target because no one thinks that Kat will go. Tommy says that he is okay with that as long as Christie stays.

Later Nicole and Tommy talk and he tells her that he nominated Cliff and Kat because he has the least connection with them. Nicole tells him that Kat was hurt and confused by her nomination. Tommy tells Nicole that he doesn’t want to be blindsided this week and asks her to keep him in the loop. He said he really doesn’t want to see Christie go, but that’s how the game goes.

Nick tells Tommy and Christie that Holly and Jackson are definitely voting Christie out. Tommy tells him that he made a deal with Jackson, so they shouldn’t. Holly is downstairs talking to Kat about Tommy nominating her and Kat tells Holly that Tommy is fake. Holly tells Kat that if she wins HOH she is going to put up Nick and Nicole.

Christie is still reeling about being chosen for America’s Field Trip. Says that fans don’t get to vote for negative things and then worries that she was made a villain because of her fight with Jackson (oh, I’d imagine it was long before that). I’d also imagine that this won’t be the last of Christie’s paranoia for the week. Today we will find out who is competing in the POV and a winner will be named later on. Stay tuned for those results later.

If Christie stays on the block after Monday’s POV Ceremony, my guess is she will be evicted and join her best friend in the Jury house. However, we will see how everything plays out between now and then!

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