It was nomination day in the Big Brother 21 house and the HOH was busy doing pre-nomination one on ones and making deals with some of the other HGs. The HOH put their noms in place and then there was a lot talk about Saturday’s POV and what they would do with it if they won. Get all the Big Brother Spoilers from inside the Big Brother house on Friday here with our live feeds recap!

Jackson spent a lot of time talking with the other HGs before the nomination ceremony. He talked to Tommy first thing in the morning and told him that he trusted Tommy and wanted him to know what Tommy was safe this week and that he wouldn’t go on the block as a nom or renom this week.

He told Cliff and Nicole in their one-one-ones that they were safe this week and the only event they would see the block is if he knew there was zero chance of them leaving. He told them both that he is counting on their votes this week in order to make the move he wants to make. They both agree that they will vote the way he wants them to. He also told Cliff that he would really like to work with him and Nicole going forward.

He told everyone else that he wasn’t sure what he was going to do this week, but whatever it is will be what’s best for his game. He tells them that he is sick of all personal attacks and that they came here to compete and play a game. He tells everyone that he wants whoever he nominates to fight for the veto and take themselves off, but hopes that if someone other than one of the noms wins, they would keep the noms the same for him as they did for Jessica.

After all his one on ones, Jackson catches up with Holly and tells her that he is set in his plan to nominate Analyse and Christie this week and his target is Christie. He says that if Tommy or Nick win the POV, he wants both of them to know that the other will go on the block as a replacement if they use the POV. Holly suggests that Jackson just insinuates it and doesn’t outright threaten to put one of them up if the other wins and plans to use it.

There was a lot of lounging and hanging out before the nomination ceremony and at one point, Jackson talks to Cliff again about how he really would like Cliff’s support this week. He implies to Cliff that he is going after the head of the snake this week and it’s a high risk, high reward situation for a bunch of them. Cliff then camtalks after Jackson leaves and asks if he is this good or just lucky in this game. He also says that in life he has rules that he lives by, but in this house, he has two; survive and win.

The feeds go down for the nomination ceremony and when they come back up we see Analyse and Christie’s faces on the memory wall. Analyse tells Christie that she is annoyed that Jackson called them the biggest threats standing between him and winning this game. Christie assures Analyse that she is a pawn this week and Christie is Jackson’s target. Christie tells Tommy that if she comes down then Analyse goes and Analyse says the same goes for if Christie comes down, Analyse will go.

Nicole and Jessica talk about what happened Thursday and they work on hashing some things out. Nicole tells Jessica that she is happy Jessica didn’t end up on the block this week.

Holly told Christie and Analyse that she had no idea what Jackson was planning and that like them, he kept her out of his decision. When Holly leaves the room, Analyse flips her off and calls her a liar and Christie adds that everyone in the house is so fake (she does know this is Big Brother, right?). Christie tells Analyse in this conversation that if Jackson thinks he is winning Big Brother, he is delusional.

Analyse and Christie talk later about the POV. Analyse says that she wants whoever wins to take Christie off the block because Analyse knows she can stay over anyone else in the house. Christie says that the universe has their back and they will both be staying this week. Analyse says they have been nothing but good in this game and Christie reiterates that why they will be rewarded this week. (Delusional much?)

Christie tells Tommy that she is going to win the POV and take herself off. Tommy says that he would rather win and take her off so that they are both safe this week. Christie tells him that he doesn’t have to win because Jackson won’t put him up. Tommy is telling her that they can all survive this week and then they have to get back on track as a team. Christie tells him that there is no way she is working with Holly and Jackson anymore.

Nick tells Nicole that he loves Christie, but he would keep Analyse over her no matter what. He then says that if he wins the next HOH, he is going after Jessica. Later, Analyse tells Nick that if he wins POV, she would rather him take Christie off the block than her. Analyse thinks she would have Holly’s vote to stay, but Nick tells her that depends on if Jackson wants her to vote her out or not. Nick tells her that if he wins, he is taking her off and she can’t tell him not to.

Tommy brings up cutting a deal with Jackson and Holly, Christie tells him that is not going to happen. He says that he thinks he can and that they can get the team back together. Christie tells him that she isn’t cutting a deal with them this week, she isn’t going to work with them.

Nick tells Jackson that he hopes he doesn’t get picked for the POV. Jackson just asks that if he wins, to take Analyse off the block and Nick says that’s what he would do. Jackson also tells Nick that if he uses it Tommy goes up and if Tommy uses it Nick will go up. Nick says that if Christie picks him, he probably isn’t going to try very hard, but if Tommy wins it, Nick doesn’t want to go up. Jackson also talked to Tommy about the POV and tells him that he really doesn’t want Christie taken off the block this week.

Christie is convinced that she is going to win the POV this week. She manifesting it hard. Christie tells Analyse that she wants them to pick Tommy to play if one of them gets HG Choice, but she is worried he would be torn on what to do if he won. Before bed, Analyse and Christie tell Jessica about Holly and Jackson saying that Jessica was spaced out the other night talking to them and that they thought she was drunk when she came into their room. Jessica also throws Nicole under the bus to Christie and Analyse about their conversation before Kat left.

It was a busy day for Jackson and the rest of the house and today is going to be even busier! I will have POV players and POV comp spoilers for you throughout the day. Who do you want to see win the POV? What are the best players for this week’s comp in order for Jackson to get Christie to stay on the block?

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