It was Power of Veto Ceremony day in the Big Brother 21 house and we found out if the POV was used and who the final nominees are for week 8. If you missed out on the Big Brother spoilers from yesterday, keep reading to get all the details including the drama from after the POV Ceremony right here!

We started the day with Jackson and Cliff talking about Jessica. The short version of this conversation they can’t believe she is creating this much animosity between the HGs when she doesn’t have any alliances in the house. They both agree that she is on the top of everyone’s target list or at least close to it because of it. Jackson tells Cliff that if he doesn’t use the POV, Analyse and Tommy are for sure coming for him.

After his conversation with Cliff, Nick comes out to try and feel out Jackson and where his head is at. Jackson isn’t giving him any information at all. They also talked about Jessica and how she is always mentioning their names when talking about targets inside the house. Nick tells Jackson that the only way Jessica beats him in this week’s HOH is if it’s a mental comp.

Nick goes back to talk Analyse and Tommy and tells them about his conversation with Jackson. Tommy mentions how he doesn’t like what next week looks like if Christie goes home this week. Jackson walks in and says that they have ten minutes until and the feeds cut. When the feeds come back up, all the HGs have dispersed and started getting dressed and doing their makeup.

The feeds cut for the Power of Veto Ceremony. When they come back up we find out that Jackson did not use the POV and Analyse and Christie are the final noms for the week. Jackson asks Tommy to come up and talk to him in the HOH. Jackson apologizes to Tommy for not being able to use the POV. He tells Tommy that he tossed and turned over this decision and ultimately he decided that he couldn’t use it this week. He tells Tommy that he hopes he isn’t upset with him and that they can work together going forward. Tommy tells him that he understands and that he is still on board with working together.

Christie and Analyse are downstairs talking about how Nick has to be working with Jackson and Holly. They wonder why else Nick wouldn’t have gone on the block if he was the one who came up with the deal they pitched to Cliff. Analyse tells Christie that she doesn’t know what she is going to do if she has to play this game without Christie. Talks turn to who Nick would take to the end and Christie tells her that as long as Nicole is in the house, he will take her. She wonders if Nick would also take Analyse, but Analyse doesn’t seem too convinced.

Nick was in the backyard and caught a glimpse of Christie and Analyse talking where Christie was throwing her arms around dramatically. He noticed that she was upset and then she was called to the DR. He put two and two together and realized that she was talking about Nick. She was saying that she is frustrated that everyone in the house feels safe with Nick because he is playing the whole house. She started crying again about this and then got called to the DR.

Nick went inside and Jackson followed him in. Nick tells Jackson that he is sure that she was talking about him and that he heard she was upset Nick didn’t end up on the block this week. Nick tells Jackson that he is upset because no one trusts him but he is being completely transparent. He tells Jackson that everyone knows he is close to everyone in the house and doesn’t understand what the big deal is if he is being honest about it.

Nick relays this to Nicole in the HOH room a little later on. In his conversation with her, she confirmed that she would be voting Christie out this week. Analyse walks in on this conversation and asks what they are doing. Nicole tells her that they are chatting and Analyse asks if she can talk with Nick. Nicole gets up and walks out of the room and you can tell Analyse isn’t happy.

Analyse asks Nick what his problem is and he asks her what she and Christie’s issue with him is. She plays dumb like they don’t have an issue with him. He then tells her that he knows they were talking about him outside when Christie got all worked up and that she doesn’t have to lie about it. She tells him that she isn’t lying, she has no reason to lie. She then starts questioning him about telling Nicole weeks ago that Analyse was going to target her and Nick tells her he did, but he doesn’t know why he did it (He did it because he was on the outs with the big alliance).

Analyse proceeds to flip out on him about how Nick must have made a deal with Jackson after he won the HOH in order to stay off the block. Nick tells him that he made a deal with him before the HOH happened and Analyse is even angrier. She screams “I knew it, that’s why you threw the HOH to him!” he swears on everything he cares about that he fought hard for the HOH win, Jackson was just faster than him and at this point, he doesn’t care if she believes him anymore.

The conversation continues, but Analyse is a little calmer. Nick tells her that if he wins HOH he is putting Cliff or Holly next to Jessica. He also promises Analyse that he still wants to make it to F3 with her and Tommy. Analyse takes a jab at him and says that she has to make sure that he isn’t saying the same thing to Cliff and Nicole. Nick tells him that beating Nicole would be boring and Cliff would beat him, there is no way he would take them with him. Nick tells Analyse that he is sorry and that he feels responsible for her being on the block. Analyse tells him that she is just worried because she only has Nick and Tommy in the house and Tommy is starting to play for himself.

Christie has a plan to blow up Nick’s game during their Taco Tuesday dinner and ask him in front of everyone who he is loyal to.

Jackson talked to Nicole and tells her that she and Cliff were always there for him, even when he and Holly had no power and nothing to offer them. He tells her that everyone else only showed up this week because they wanted something. He tells her that he would really like to work with her and Cliff going forward.

Analyse tells Christie that Nick wants to talk to her, but Christie says there is nothing for them to talk about and that he will hear what she has to say during Taco Tuesday. Tommy doesn’t understand why Christie is so upset with Nick and she tells him it’s because he is running the game and is loyal to no one. Christie goes on an anti-Nick rant with Tommy trying to convince him that Nick is working with Jackson.

Nick finally catches up to Christie and Christie tells him that he isn’t mad at him, she just feels like he is loyal to no one and has been throwing comps so that he doesn’t have to decide who to be loyal to. Christie also tells him that she knows he was lying when he said he would target Holly and Jackson but he denies that. He also told Christie that he didn’t throw any comps other than the HOH that Tommy won. She tells him that her game is over now and it doesn’t matter. Nick says that he would never let anything happen to Analyse, Tommy, or Nicole.

Analyse and Tommy think that Jessica has gotten into Christie’s ear about Nick and that Nick is actually telling the truth. Tommy wants to make a deal with Cliff, Nicole, and Jessica saying they would go after Jackson and Holly if they won HOH. Analyse says she doesn’t want Jessica to win HOH because she is gunning for Nick.

Nicole and Cliff talked about Jessica going back and telling Christie things like how Nick told Nicole to target Analyse if she won HOH. She mentions that she thinks Jessica is unraveling and that she really wanted to go to the end with her and Cliff, but she’s not sure anymore. She tells Cliff that Jessica always looks like she is about to pop off.

Analyse spent a lot of the day begging for a reset button or a power. The feeds cut for about an hour last night (we heard it was technical difficulties) and when they came back, Analyse was back to begging for a power so her and Christie can both stay this week. Nick and Cliff talked about their next targets and agree that they wouldn’t go after Jackson. Nick wants to put Holly and Jessica up.

The feeds were down for over an hour and after they came back up, the house got really quiet as if something happened. Holly asked Jackson at one point “what did the thing say?” but when he went to answer they cut the feeds again. It sounded like someone was yelling over the fence or something because the backyard was also closed when the feeds came back.

There was some speculation that someone was outside of the yard with a bullhorn yelling that Christie and Tommy knew each other, but I’m not sure how true that is. When I went back and looked at the feeds again, I didn’t hear anything myself before they cut.

I will be posting my Favorite HG poll a little later today! Make sure you come back and let me know which HG is your favorite for Week 8.

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