It was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 21 house and as the HGs prepared for the comp, there was a little bit of drama. After the POV was played and the winner was revealed, the final noms became apparent and the target started to come to terms with their impending eviction. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s Big Brother live feeds right here!

We started the day with a conversation between Tommy, Christie, Nick, and Analyse about the POV and who they would pick to play. Nick and Tommy told them that if they get picked by HG Choice, they are taking down whoever picks them. Nick says that if his chip gets picked and he wins, he will probably take Analyse down. Tommy reminds Analyse that if Christie comes down, Analyse will most likely go and she starts to get a bit paranoid.

The Power of Veto player draw happens and when the feeds come back we find out that Analyse picked Nick, Christie picked Holly, and Jackson picked Cliff to play in this week’s POV. Despite Nick telling Analyse that he would use the POV on her if he won, Analyse is not happy about picking Nick. Christie and Analyse talk about how Nick hasn’t been targeted at all by Jackson or Holly even though he said he would target them too. They also mention that they don’t trust him because they think he is throwing comps.

Nick tells Tommy that he is sick of having his loyalty questioned when all he is doing is playing the social part of the game like everyone else. He tells Tommy that he has been fighting to win these comps. Nick goes to confront Christie and Analyse about what they are saying and Analyse starts to back peddle and say that she is fine. Christie questions why it’s Analyse on the block and not Nick. Nick tells Christie that if he doesn’t trust him then she should win the next HOH and put him up. Nick assures Analyse that if he wins the POV, he will take her down. Tommy joins the conversation and is pushing Christie to try and smooth things over with Jackson and Holly, but she refuses.

Jackson talks to Cliff and tells him that he doesn’t have a deal with Tommy, he didn’t’ nominate him to avoid him coming after him later. He tells Cliff that the only people he wants to work with going forward are Holly, Cliff, Nicole, and Jessica.

Christie thinks that Jackson’s goal is just to get a woman out this week and thinks that if she comes down, Jessica could be the renom. Meanwhile, Jackson is talking about how he would be nervous to put anyone except Tommy or Nick up. He is worried that if someone else is sitting up there on Thursday that the vote will flip and both of them could be safe.

The feeds cut for POV and when they came back up an hour and a half later, we find out that Jackson has won the POV. Christie is alone in the HN room crying. Cliff checked on her and she tells him she just didn’t want anyone to see her crying. Christie went downstairs about 15 minutes later and congratulated Jackson on his win and he promises that he only put her up because she is a strong player and a threat to his game.

Christie tells Nicole that if she makes it to F2, she has her vote to win this.

Jackson and Holly wonder if anyone would bother to target Analyse. Tommy goes to talk to them a while later and tells them that Analyse doesn’t have anyone else in the house after Christie is gone and they can use that to get Analyse to come work with them.

Christie went on and on last night about how she would give up her shot at the money if they would let her stay in the Big Brother house and continue to compete because she loves this game so much. She tells Analyse and Jessica that she is shocked that it’s going to be one of them this week to go to the jury. Analyse says she didn’t see this coming and Jessica is clearly surprised to hear that.

Cliff tells Jackson that Analyse is angry about being on the block and he is trying to calm her down because she is going to make her a bigger target. He also tells Jackson that there was talk that Analyse should try to come and smooth things over with them. He tells them that they have been planning some pranks to try and calm Analyse down. Cliff says that if there was ever a pawn to not go home, it’s Analyse this week. Cliff tells them that Analyse is the one trash-talking, Christie is trying to calm her down.

There was a little talk about who everyone is worried about going into the coming weeks. Nick asks Nicole if she would target Jessica and she says she isn’t sure yet and has to see what happens. Nick is worried about Jackson and Holly still being in the house. Cliff tells Jessica that he hopes Jackson is the next target so that he and Jessica can stay under the radar.

Christie knows that she is going this week and she is coming to terms with this. However, that’s not going to stop the tears from Christie or the paranoia and anger from Analyse. We will see how this week plays out, but if Analyse keeps lashing out, she could find herself in a sticky situation later in the week.

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