With the Power of Veto Ceremony happening sometime on Monday afternoon, Christie, Tommy, and Analyse spent a lot of time trying to get Jackson to change his target. However, that would include Jackson getting the old group together and we all know he would rather play in traffic. Keep reading to get the Big Brother spoilers from Sunday’s Big Brother live feeds right here!

With the POV Ceremony looming, Tommy and Nick discussed that they wanted to get Jessica on the block because Nick things she is coming for him and they believe they can get enough people on board with voting her out this week. Tommy is worried about pushing a renom on Jackson because it sounded like Tommy was going to be one of those options this week. Tommy also worried that Anaylse and Christie were on the block this week because of a bad deal he made last week.

Analyse wonders to Christie a little later on if they could get Jackson to renom Jessica this week through Holly. They decided that it had to be Jessica because they don’t think that Nick will vote out Nicole or Cliff. When Analyse goes to talk to Holly, she tries to sell Holly on the idea that Jessica would target Jackson and Holly if Christie should go this week. Holly tells Analyse that Jackson would have been fine with getting the group back together until he heard Analyse and Christie talking in the HN room, but Analyse promises that she was never going to target them.

Later, Christie, Tommy, and Analyse try to come up with another deal they can offer Holly and Jackson, but Tommy doesn’t want to word it so that they can’t take a shot at them later.

Christie goes to make a pitch to Jackson. She blames the deal she made on Cliff saying that she needed to make the deal because he was coming after her and she needed the safety. Christie then tries to tell him that it would be a great storyline if he got the Six Shooters back together. He tells Christie that it was him against them and he had to go after the person he thought was the leader of the other side (Christie). When Jackson leaves the room, Christie continues to try and push Jessica as a renom. They agree that Jessica tells them one thing and the other HGs a completely different story.

Holly tells Jackson about her conversation with Christie and tells him that Jessica can’t be trusted. She tells Jackson about how Jessica went right to Analyse and told her about how Holly said Analyse was flirting with Jackson. Jackson is pissed that Jessica is going back and telling them things and Holly reiterates that they don’t have Jessica when it comes to votes. Jackson says he almost wants to take Analyse down and put Jessica in her place, but Holly says not to.

Analyse, Tommy, and Nick talk about how Jessica is going around telling people that Nick, Tommy, and Jackson have a final three and Jessica has been pushing to have Nick put up as a renom. They all say that if they get Jessica on the block, everyone involved in the deal last week (Cliff, Nicole, Tommy, Analyse, and Nick) would have to vote Jessica out because they promised not to target each other. They talk about if they can pull this off, they would target Cliff and Nicole next week. Christie comes out and she tells them that America would love this new plan.

Tommy and Analyse talk to Jackson about saving Christie this week, but Jackson says that Christie might be able to help him for a few weeks, but then he is her number one target. He tells them that this is probably his only opportunity to get her out. Tommy tells him that if Christie stays, they can have the best army this game has ever seen and America would love it. Jackson tells them that he trusts them and wants to work with them moving forward, but isn’t giving them any inkling that he plans to save her. He tells them he will sleep on it.

After Analyse and Tommy leave the HOH, Jackson tells Holly that they are trying everything they can, but it’s too little too late. He says that they have put all their eggs in the Six Shooters getting back together and now they have nothing else. Holly kind of thinks that keeping Christie and making a new deal with her might be something to think about, but Jackson is not having any of that and he is set on getting Christie out this week. Holly mentions that putting Nick up might be a good idea, but he says that it isn’t good for his game because he is good with Nick right now. He says that he isn’t going to make a move that helps Christie, Tommy, and Analyse.

Jackson adds that if Analyse and Tommy truly have their backs then they can prove it after Christie is gone and that he isn’t going to waste his HOH on people that don’t care about them. Jackson tells Holly that they have to focus on their side relationships with everyone because he isn’t using the POV this week. He says that what’s best for his game is Christie not being in it.

Nick comes up to the HOH shortly after to tell him about Jessica going around telling people about Tommy, Nick, and Jackson having a F3. He is pushing that Jessica goes up as a renom and planting seeds.

Christie and Analyse think there is a chance that Jackson will consider Tommy’s pitch and Analyse says that she knows this is what America wants. Christie then talks to Jessica and Jessica tells her that she doesn’t want Christie to leave this week and tells her to try and make a deal or something. Christie tells her that he has been trying, but Jackson won’t put Nick up. She says that there is a better chance he would put Nicole up. Christie then goes back to Analyse and tells her that she isn’t going to pitch Jessica as a renom because she really wants Christie to stay. Analyse thinks that Nicole is a better idea because if she goes, it weakens Nick.

Christie later goes to Jackson and tells him she wants to make a deal with him. She tells him that he gets Jessica evicted this week, she promises not to go after him until Nicole, Nick, and Cliff are all gone too. She also promises to keep Holly safe as well. She is clearly grasping at straws here. Jackson tells her he will think about it and let her know, but his decision will be a selfish one that best serves his game.

Later Christie admits that she knows Jackson won’t use the veto, but she’s glad she tried.

Jackson fills Holly in on everything Christie told him and how Jessica is telling everyone he has a F3 with Nick and Tommy. Jackson is set on keeping the noms the same this week at Monday’s POV Ceremony. He said that he would rather be evicted by someone he admires in this game like Cliff than someone who betrayed him as Christie did. Stay tuned! I will have spoilers for you a little later today about today’s POV Ceremony!

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