After the Big Brother 21 live show, we watched as the HGs competed in the Week 8 slip and slide competition. Once the winner was crowned, the nomination ideas started flying and the HGs started to get nervous that they could all be on the radar. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night’s Big Brother live feeds right here!

If you missed our Big Brother HOH live results post, then the first thing you need to know about what happened on the live feeds after the eviction show is that Jackson went on to win the HOH.

Nick was worried that he was going on the block 20 minutes after the comp ended. He was asking Tommy if he would use the POV on him if he won, but Tommy doesn’t think that Nick will be his target this week.

Jackson and Holly have a chance to celebrate his win and talks turn to what he is going to do this week and who his target is. He tells Holly that he wants Christie to go this week, he just needs to figure out how to make that happen. He isn’t sure if he should just put her up or BD her. He mentions if he is going to backdoor her, he would put Analyse and Jessica up on the block. He tells Holly that he told Tommy, Cliff, and Nick that he wouldn’t put them up (during week 7 talks). Jackson then wonders who he would have to put up next to Christie to ensure that the votes are there and he thinks it should be Analyse.

Cliff talks to Jackson after dinner and tells him that if he has to put Cliff up, he understands. Jackson tells him that he might have to put him up as a front, but he won’t do it if he feels like Cliff might get voted out. Cliff asks Jackson to keep Nicole out of it this week because she has already been dragged enough and Jackson says that he will. Jackson tells Holly a little later that as part of Cliff’s deal with the rest of them if he won HOH he had to target Holly and Jackson.

Christie, Analyse, and Tommy all sit in the Boat Room speculating who Jackson might put up. They all think that Jackson was really excited about getting the group together the other day so maybe he won’t come after them. Tommy wonders if he will be on the block next to Jessica this week.

At 11:50 PM BBT last night, Jackson got his HOH room and I have to say, I laughed pretty hard when he opened his room because production put watermelons everywhere! There were at least seven watermelons, one on the nightstand, four on a tray on the bed, one on the little table in front of the couch and one on the floor in the corner of the room and those are just the ones I saw. He also got a watermelon scented bath and body stuff in his HOH basket.

Jackson has a chance to talk with Jessica and she implies to him that she will vote whatever way he wants her to this week. After that, he talks to Holly a bit more and they start counting votes. He thinks that Nicole will vote with Jessica and Holly which would give him the ability to break the tie and send Christie out the doors. He is wondering if he should put her up directly or BD her though. Jackson tells Holly that he thinks he will put Cliff against Christie because then he doesn’t have to worry about Cliff’s deal with Christie.

We will have nominations later today, but if he really wants to get Christie out, he needs to put Tommy or Analyse against her in order to cut down the votes on the other side of the house. He really wants Cliff up because he is unpredictable, but so is everyone else in the house when it comes to Jackson and Holly. We will see throughout the day if he changes his noms out, but as of right now it looks like it will be Christie and Cliff and if someone wins the POV and takes one of them down, he will target Tommy, Nick, or Analyse depending on who wins it.

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