It was an uneventful afternoon in the Big Brother 21 house, but then all hell broke loose right before the HGs had their Taco Tuesday dinner. There was no gratitude circle at this dinner, just a lot of screaming and yelling and a failed attempt to blow up someone’s already transparent game. It was definitely a step up from the puppet show we got earlier in the day. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to get all the details from Tuesday’s live feeds!

We started the day off with Cliff cam talking about something “unsettling” that happened the night before on the live feeds. Production clearly doesn’t want them to talk about it though because every time someone attempts to talk about it, they cut the feeds. By now we have all seen the speculation about the wall shouter, but Cliff mentions that it didn’t work the way someone had intended it to and that it wouldn’t have an effect on anyone of them.

Nick tells Analyse and Tommy about a conversation he had with Cliff. Nick had heard that Christie was planning to blow up his game at their weekly Taco Tuesday dinner. He tells them that he warned Cliff that Christie might say some things that aren’t completely true and tells him if he has any questions about what is said, just to ask him about them. He tells them that during this conversation, Cliff assured him that they would be okay regardless of what Christie had to say.

Tommy is trying to get Christie to just keep her campaign about Jackson. She tells him that everyone in the house feels like Nick has their back though and he’s running the game. Tommy tells her that if everyone feels that way about Nick, then who is going to turn on him? She tells him that if they know everyone in the house thinks they have Nick, then who does he really have? Christie mentions that Nick certainly doesn’t have Cliff.

Nick spent the rest of his afternoon filling in Nicole, Jackson, Holly, and Analyse on Christie’s plan to blow up his game. Nick told Nicole that he is good with the entire house because Christie and the Six Shooters put him in a position where he had to be when they kicked him out of Gr8ful. He mentions how Christie thinks she has played a loyal game but wanted to turn on Jack and Jackson early on and didn’t want to work with the couples. He says that Christie got America’s Field Trip for a reason. He also confirmed to Analyse and Holly that everything Sam said about Christie was the truth.

Christie started to have doubts about calling Nick out at dinner. She didn’t want to blow up anyone’s game and just wanted to leave on a high note on Thursday. She wanted to mention some of the things in her one on one campaign but didn’t want to call him out in front of everyone all of a sudden. Jackson tells Christie that she has nothing left to lose at this point and that she should just do it. Christie tells Jackson in this conversation that Nick is telling everyone that Holly and Jackson are still targets for next week, but Christie would take a shot at Nick if she stayed. Jackson is still encouraging her to blow up Nick’s game, but she tells him that he will just talk himself out of it like he always does.

Right before dinner, Christie tells Tommy that she has decided not to go off on Nick at dinner. Tommy tells Nick this when he asks moments later, but Nick is so angry with Christie, he says he is having a hard time biting his tongue around her.

Nick goes to Jackson and asks him why Christie hates him so much and Jackson tells him that she feels like Nick is running the game. Nick tells him he feels like he’s doing nothing. Jackson tells Nick that no matter what Christie exposes, it’s not going to be enough to save her this week. Nick says they will have a war if she comes at him at the dinner table.

Minutes after that conversation, Christie comes up to the HOH and asks Jackson why Nick is so angry at her. He tells her that he doesn’t know, but that Nick is having a hard time biting his tongue. She has no idea what Nick would need to bite his tongue over though. Jackson tells Christie that if she does talk to Nick that she should make sure that everyone is there so that no one misses any reactions or defenses. The see Nick on his way up to the HOH room.

As soon as the HOH room door opens, Nick tells Christie to keep his name out of her mouth and she asks him if he wants to go downstairs and talk in front of everyone in the kitchen. They head downstairs and Christie calls everyone into the kitchen.

Round one of the fight starts and Christie tells Nick that she isn’t dragging him, she explains that the only angle she has to go on this week is outing his manipulative gameplay. She says she isn’t dragging his gameplay because it’s been impeccable, it’s also the only angle she has to try and gain votes. She tells him that she planned to ask him who he was loyal to in the house, but she had decided not to do it at dinner. Mentions how she wanted to play a game of integrity instead.

Nick tells Christie that she hasn’t played a loyal game either and brings up how she wanted Jack out week two and about how she was going to tell everyone she was being bullied into using her power. Christie keeps interrupting him and he keeps asking her to let him talk. Nick tells her that she is never honest and that she should “manifest the truth.”

Christie tells Nick that screaming only makes him look guilty. She says how he has Cliff and Nicole on one side, Analyse and Tommy on the other, Nick says that everyone in the house knows that. Christie mentions how Nick doesn’t have to win anything because he has it set up to where everyone around him takes the shots and he coasts down the middle. The argument goes on for about 20 minutes or so and they keep trying to throw each other under the bus, but neither of them is bring any new information to the table.

Christie says that her campaign is spoiled now and wishes everyone a Happy Taco Tuesday. Nick leaves the room saying that he is sick of everyone dragging him. Christie is still in the kitchen telling everyone that she wasn’t going to do this, but Nick made it happen. Jessica tells everyone that if Nick makes it to F2, she’s voting for him.

Analyse is worried she is going home now, but Nick tells her that nothing Christie said changed anything. Nick tells Tommy that he can’t believe that they are all still friends with Christie. Nick tells them that it’s not his fault everyone likes him, he’s just a good person.

Nick tells Cliff that he never said he didn’t want Cliff to make it to F5 and that he doesn’t know why Christie said that Cliff would be his first target when they got there. He made it known that Christie would have been. Cliff tells Nick that nothing has changed and that Nick and he are still good.

A little later, everyone sat at the table to have their Taco Tuesday dinner except for Nick who didn’t feel like eating after the blowup. After dinner, Nick asks Tommy if Christie is still going and he tells him she is. Nicole mentions that Jackson instigated the whole argument earlier.

Nicole, Tommy, Cliff, and Analyse are all talking about the blowup in the kitchen and they are all siding with Nick on this one. They think that Nick has played an honest game, even if it’s causing him to be good with a lot of the HGs. They all agree that Christie can’t stay this week.

Christie and Jess talk later, Christie wonders if she could get Nicole’s vote, but Jess warns her that everything said to Nicole, it goes right back to Nick. Meanwhile, Analyse and Nick are talking and they agree that Jackson got Christie all fired up. Nick is ready to take a shot at him next week. He says that Nicole plans to put Jackson and Holly up if she wins and then realizes he shouldn’t have said that.

Holly is feeling torn about her decision this week. She tells Jackson that she doesn’t want Analyse to keep coasting through this game, but also doesn’t want Christie in the house manipulating the HGs. Holly wonders if the fight earlier was staged. Jackson is still committed to wanting Christie out this week but promises that he supports her.

It was a fun night on the Big Brother live feeds with Christie and Nick having a 20-minute screaming match in the kitchen. However, it hasn’t changed anything and Christie will still be walking out of the Big Brother house tomorrow night. Make sure you come back tonight at 8/7c to see how the POV comp plays out with me and my live recap!

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