It was Nomination Day in the Big Brother 21 house and with America’s Prankster on the loose, it made for some paranoid HGs! The HGs were all informed that there was going to be a new twist this week and that this twist would involve Holly having half of her HOH power taken from her. Who won the Prankster Power? Who ended up on the block? Why does Jackson have a pie in his face in the picture above? Get all your Big Brother spoilers here!

We started the day with the feeds being down for about 45 minutes while Big Brother woke up the HGs with the news that there a new twist. This twist is America’s Prankster and it would allow one lucky HG the power to choose one nominee this week and if their nominee came down off the block at the POV ceremony, they would also pick the renom. After the news was given to the HGs, the HGs were then called into the DR one by one in order to keep the winner covered.

While the HGs were getting called into the DR, Holly started her one on one pre-nomination chats. Tommy talks to Holly first and tells her that he doesn’t want to be America’s Prankster, but if he is, Jackson is not on his radar. He adds that at least Holly won’t have all the blood on her hands this week because she can only take the heat for one of the nominees.

Nick goes to talk to Holly and with him, it’s always short and sweet. He tells Holly that he was planning to put Christie and Jessica up this week if he won HOH. He tells Holly that she and Jackson are not his targets. He also mentioned in this conversation that Christie approached him with a deal this week to keep each other safe. Holly is concerned about this because Christie’s whole campaign and the only reason they kept Christie was so that she would target Nick.

Holly then talks to Jessica and tells her that their games are very aligned right now with who they would target (Nick). Jessica tells Holly that she would really like to move forward in the game with her and Jackson. Talks turn to how Holly is concerned about Christie because of what she just heard about her making deals with Nick. Holly is also worried that her target this week could also be the Prankster and she is worried that he would put Jackson on the block.

Nicole, Jessica, and Cliff are called to smash pies in their own faces. Cliff yells to production that he is going to put a plastic bag down first unless told otherwise. Feeds cut. They come back and there is pie all over their faces and the floor. I’m assuming production said no to the bag.

Holly talks to Christie and tells her that she is relieved that she doesn’t have to use her as a pawn this week. Holly tells her that she is worried that if she puts Nick up that she might not be able to get him out because of this new twist. They both agree that Nick could end up being the Prankster.

Cliff comes up and talks to Holly. She tells Cliff that she is feeling a little better about this Prankster twist (she doesn’t say why, but I’m guessing because if it is Nick like she suspects he will probably put Christie up). Cliff tells Holly that they have a pretty good chance of figuring out who the Prankster is. They know it’s not Holly, It’s not whoever ends up on the block because of the Prankster and it most likely won’t be Jackson because of how close he is to Holly. That doesn’t leave many other options.

Nick comes out of the DR and plays it off like he didn’t win anything, but then walks to the bathroom and checks the boat room on the way by. He then looks up at the camera and sends his thanks to America and tells everyone that he really needed this power. He is really excited about this new power. A little while later the feeds go down for about an hour and a half and when they come back up, the table in the kitchen is smaller.

Jackson tells Holly that if Christie won the Prankster that it would look really bad for her to put Jackson up after making a deal with him that they would work together. Jackson is pretty sure that everyone in the house would put Nick up, but Holly mentions not wanting to bank on that because if he doesn’t go up, he might win POV and then not be able to be put up. Jackson and Holly think that Nick is most likely going to be picked and then they wonder who he would put up. Jackson says that Nick’s best chance at staying is against Jackson.

Holly wonders to Jackson if she should plant the seed that Christie and Nick might be working together. He thinks that will burn their relationship with Christie He then suggests that Holly tells Christie everything Nick said and then let her handle it. Holly then wonders if they should do it before or after the nominations because of the fact that Nick could be the Prankster. Jackson thinks it should happen before because even if Nick isn’t the Prankster, it might be heard by whoever it is and they might target Christie as a result anyway.

The HGs started getting called in one by one so that the Prankster could anonymously cast their nominee. During this time there was a lot of speculation about who the Prankster would be and who they would put up this week. Tommy tells Nick and Nicole that he doesn’t think Jackson would go up and Nick adds that would be a stupid move because if Holly found out, she would be coming after them.

Holly has Jackson go get Christie and Holly tells Christie everything about what Nick said about their deal. Christie denies the whole thing and retells her version of the conversation. Holly tells her how Nick said Christie would throw the comp to him and he would throw it to her, how she approached him with a deal for safety if each other won HOH, and Christie is getting heated. Christie calls Nick a liar and tells them to bring him up right now. Jackson goes to get Nick and brings him up to the HOH room.

Nick gets upstairs and Christie tells him that she is upset and asks him if he told Holly and Jackson that she would throw the HOH to him. He says he never said that she would “throw” it to him. Holly said he definitely did use the word “throw.” Christie tells Nick that whatever he was trying to sell to her before the HOH, she wasn’t buying. She tells him that she didn’t believe him when he told her that he wouldn’t put her up. Nick tells Christie that he was serious about not wanting her out and that he is targeting Jessica. Holly asks Nick about coming after her and he said he wasn’t coming after her but he might have had to use her as a pawn.

Nick ends the conversation with how he must have misinterpreted the conversation they had and what she was getting at. He goes downstairs and tells Nicole that Christie just lies her way out of everything. Feeds cut for the Nomination Ceremony. When they come back up we see Nick and Christie’s faces on the Memory Wall.

Nick says that Tommy told him before that he would vote Christie out before him and he thinks with Nicole and Cliff he would be safe against Christie. Meanwhile, Jackson is convinced that Nicole is the Prankster because no one else would have nominated Christie (really???). Holly tells Tommy that if he plays and wins the Veto, that she would like for noms to stay the same this week.

There was a lot of talk about who the Prankster could be based on the nom. Cliff thinks it’s Nick, Jackson thinks it’s Nicole. There was a lot of general chit chat all evening and not much game talk. Nicole, Jessica, and Cliff got called to smash pies in other HGs faces and then picked Jackson, Holly, and Christie. Nicole has been dying to smash a pie in Jackson’s face and that’s what I have pictured above.

Nicole and Nick talk about voting scenarios and the POV. Nick asks Nicole if she won the POV what would she do and she tells him that she would use it on him because she needs him in the game. Tommy wants to play in the veto and hopes to win so that he can take Christie down and not be renom’d. Tommy spent a lot of time stressing about being put on the block next to Nick if Christie gets taken down. Nick tells Tommy that the conversation he had with Christie before the noms solidified him as Holly’s target.

The POV is coming up a little later today and I will have spoilers for you throughout the day. If Nicole or Nick win the POV, Nick will be taken off the block, but if Tommy plays and wins Christie will be taken off the block and Tommy would be safe from renom. Who do you see Nick putting up if that should happen?

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