It was a quiet start to the day in the Big Brother 21 house with the POV Ceremony happening. The HGs got the scare of their lives when production thought they would have some Prank Week fun. Keep reading to get all of the Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s live feeds and find out about everything that went on including Nick’s light campaign work right here!

We started the day with Nick trying one more time to get Jackson to use the POV and ask Jackson and Holly if he was going to use it, who he should pick as his renom for the POV Ceremony. Jackson tells him that he can not use the POV this week because it would literally destroy his game if he did. The POV Ceremony took place and when the feeds came back up we found out that nothing crazy happened except Jackson being pied three times. Jackson did not use the POV and Christie and Nick remained on the block.

The HGs spent a lot of time lounging by the pool and talking about life outside the house. Nick talked to Nicole and tells her that he plans to try and make Tommy feel bad. He says that Tommy shouldn’t have promised to keep him over Christie if he didn’t plan to follow through with it. Nick talks about being equally upset with Cliff because it seems like Cliff is going to vote whatever way Holly wants him to. Nicole tells Nick that it doesn’t make sense to her why they are keeping Christie and says she must be missing something.

Nick tells Nicole that if he stays this week he plans to work with Nicole, Jackson, and Holly. Nicole tells him to pitch that to them. Nick also mentions that he is going to remind Tommy that he was supposed to have Jack, Analyse, and Nick’s backs in this game and if he votes to evict Nick this week that will be three Jurors that he voted out.

Nicole talks to Holly and tells her that she understands why she nominated Nick this week but mentions that she sees Christie as an equal threat. Holly tells her that she is happy the noms stayed the same because no matter which way the vote goes, a big threat will be heading out the door. Holly does say that Nick is still her target and she doesn’t want to see the vote flip, but if it did, she would be okay with it. Nicole says that she knows it sounds like she is pushing an agenda and hopes she isn’t digging herself a hole, but Holly tells her that she isn’t and that she values Nicole’s opinion.

Jackson tells Nicole that Nick going this week is best for his game. He tells her that he doesn’t see Christie winning the next HOH. Jackson says that if Jessica is planning to nominate Tommy and Cliff next week then he almost prefers that Jessica wins this HOH. Then it would be the four of them against Christie in the following HOH and as long as one of them wins, they can get Christie out that week.

After Nicole leaves the room, Holly tells Jackson that in her talk with Nicole, Nicole mentioned Tommy talking about a couple of people in the house that keep winning things and how one of them needs to go. Implying that Tommy was coming after them next, meaning that they aren’t as good with Tommy as they think they are. Jackson tells Holly that he is throwing the next HOH.

Jackson and Christie caught up and Jackson tells her that he thinks Tommy would nominate him. Christie says she doesn’t think he would but she hasn’t talked game with Tommy since Jack left. Meanwhile, Tommy is telling Nicole that he loves Nick and wants him to stay, but can’t vote against Christie.

Throughout the night, the HGs started noticing clowns behind the glass. Nicole is pretty freaked out about the clowns and while she was in the DR, the rest of the HGs decided to hide. When Nicole got out of the DR, she was freaked out even more because now the house seemed empty. When Nicole finds Jackson he tells her the clowns told him to hide. At one point, Nicole convinced everyone in the house to sleep in the RV room to keep each other safe from the clowns.

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