Sunday was a quiet day in the Big Brother 21 house with Nick trying to figure out where everyone’s head is at for this week’s vote. He isn’t going down without a fight, but will his ship sink in the end? Get all your Big Brother spoilers from Sunday’s live feeds right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

Nick started off his day with a chat with Holly. In this conversation, he revealed that he is the Prankster and promises that if they use the POV to take Christie down, he will put anyone else up on the block next to him that they want. He is pleading with them to use it to take Christie down because he knows that if he isn’t sitting next to Christie, he could secure Tommy’s vote. Nick later told Nicole that he made this pitch and tells her that he feels pretty good about his chances.

Holly fills Jackson in on her conversation with Nick. Jackson thinks they need to tell Cliff and Nicole that Nick is the Prankster (Nicole already knows at this point). They talk about how they feel really good working with Cliff and Nicole going forward, but they agree that Nicole still acts a little nervous around them. This is because Nicole knows that Holly and Jackson are closer to Cliff than they are to her. Holly also mentions to Jackson that Nick offered to compete in comps and if he won them, they could benefit from it. Holly tells Jackson that they need Jessica out soon too because, without Nick in the house, Jessica will target Jackson next.

Jessica and Nicole talk about Nick and this week’s vote. Jessica tells Nicole that Nick leaving this week is best for their game because he is a huge threat. However, Nick is one of Nicole’s closest allies in the house and without Nick, Nicole doesn’t have anyone that will completely have her back. Nicole is upset that everyone else can resolve issues with others in the house (i.e. Jackson and Christie are working together after Christie blatantly said she was coming after him), but it seems like Nicole isn’t allowed to be close to Nick after what he and Bella did to her.

The last few days, we have heard a lot of HGs talk about how the DR is always trying to feed them lines. Holly and Christie were sternly told not to talk about their DR sessions with other HGs and Holly snapped back at them saying that she wouldn’t complain out in the house if they weren’t always trying to tell her what to say inside the DR.

Zingbot’s zings were talked about a lot the last couple days. Nick got made fun of for his hair, Christie got made fun of for her obnoxious eating habits, and Jackson got called a pompous douche bag. Holly is really upset about her zing calling her an old buzzard and says that being an old buzzard is about getting someone’s sloppy seconds (Jackson). She is worried that she might be hurting her personal life because of her families strict beliefs. Jackson later talked about how he felt bad for dragging Holly down and says that he knows that he isn’t well-liked by fans and now Holly is getting backlash from that.

Nick and Nicole touch base later in the evening. He is telling her that he is counting on her, Cliff, and Tommy’s votes, but isn’t going to get Tommy’s vote because he is sitting next to Christie. Nicole tells Nick that Cliff is wavering and Nick doesn’t understand. He is confused and upset that Cliff says Christie is his target but then plans to keep her this week (we are all just as confused!). Nick wonders if he can convince Jackson to keep him because if Nick is out of the house, Jackson becomes the next big target.

After talking to Jackson, Nick updated Nicole and says that he thinks that he has a shot to stay in the game if Christie isn’t on the block and really needs her to come down. Tommy joined the conversation and Nick tells him that he is working on convincing Jackson to use the POV on Christie. However, later on, Jackson tells Christie that there is no change in his POV Ceremony plans and that he is still going to keep noms the same.

Tommy talks to Nicole and Nick later on and he tells Nick that he feels terrible for the position he is in and really wishes he didn’t have to pick between him and Christie. He tells Nicole a little later that he is having a hard time working with the more emotional HGs like Christie. He is also surprised that Jackson isn’t more on board with keeping Nick in the house as a bigger target.

Christie was trying to figure out why Nick was voted as America’s Prankster and then comes to the conclusion that we as fans must be bored and wanted to switch things up. (Sure, we’ll go with that…)

The POV Ceremony is going to happen later today and we can expect the noms to stay the same. Nick is working hard to try and get Jackson to save Christie with the POV in order to save his own game. However, even if he did pull it off, he would only have Nicole and Tommy in the best-case scenario. Cliff is still going to vote Nick out in order to stay on Holly and Jackson’s good side regardless of who is sitting next to him.

I will have POV Ceremony results for you a little later today!

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