We have a new HOH in the Big Brother 21 house, but we also have a Prank Week in effect and none of the HGs know how this is going to affect the game. Despite the fact that her HOH is going to be impacted, Holly has picked her nominees, problem is, only one of them will see the block. Find out all the Big Brother spoilers including who Holly wants to nominate going into week 9 right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

When the feeds came back from the live show, the HGs were all trying to figure out how Holly’s HOH was going to be impacted by Prank Week. Jessica says that if it’s Prank Week then Zingbot should show up and as we all know, he will be!

Holly is worried that her HOH is going to be hijacked, but Christie thinks that’s a little extreme. Christie said maybe it will be one nominee or they will be able to pick a third nominee.

Holly tells Jackson that she was thinking about putting Christie and Nick up together, but Jackson tells her that they need Christie a couple more weeks just in case Nick should come off the block and mentions putting Jessica up. Holly is not having that and reiterates that she wants Christie and Nick on the block and Jackson tells her that he supports her in whatever she decides to do.

Nicole, Cliff, and Jessica get their punishment for the week! Throughout the week, Big Brother is going to tell them each to make a pie and then who and where to smash it in their face. The first round was for them to smash them into their own faces. They went to the storage room to find at least 60 pie crusts and a ton of whipped cream. They each grab a pie crust and a can of whipped cream and head out into the kitchen to make their pies. Here are some screenshots for your enjoyment:

Holly got her HOH room and everyone went to check it out. Nicole and Cliff agree that they should be safe this week with Holly in the HOH after making an alliance with them last week. They agree that they should go up and talk to them later on and just let her know that they support whatever she wants to do.

Cliff, Nicole, and Jessica have to make more pies and smash them in each other’s faces and then, later on, they have to slow-motion smash them into their own faces.

Holly talks to Christie and explains to Christie that she is going to be using her as a pawn this week and Christie is shocked by this. She says that she understands and that she is just grateful to be in the house still.

Nicole and Cliff join Holly and Jackson in the HOH and they all talk about Holly’s plan this week. Cliff and Jackson agree that she should just go with her plan to nominate Christie and Nick because they don’t even know how this week is going to go with Prank Week. They then start to talk about where to hide their Veto to ensure that they win over the nominees.

Tommy talked about his DR narrative being tricky because they wanted him to say he would support Christie no matter what, but after the incident last week (the wall shouter), he can’t do that. He added that they won’t be showing the incident on TV.

Holly is worried about Christie. She tells Jackson about how shocked Christie was when she was told he would be a pawn. Holly talks about backdooring Nick and putting Jessica up next to Christie. She says the worst case, Christie goes home if they don’t have the opportunity to use the Veto. Holly is also worried that Christie isn’t going to work with them past this week. She thinks that Christie is going to help them out this week and then feel like she fulfilled her obligation to her and Jackson.

Nicole, Cliff, and Jessica all get called to pie three HGs in their beds. They get Nick, Tommy, and Christie at 3:17 AM BBT. It was a mess!

As we know, Holly will only be putting one of her nominees up, however, depending on the results of America’s Vote, both of her nominations could still end up on the block. I will have spoilers for you throughout the day as they become available! Voting closes at noon BBT and noms will happen later on!

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