It was an uneventful Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 21 house. Nick and Christie spent some time campaigning to the other HGs but Nick seems pretty calm about tonight’s eviction regardless of knowing he is Holly’s target. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to see what each of them outlined in their campaigns and to find out what the other HGs are planning to do with their vote tonight on Big Brother 21!

Nicole and Cliff had a conversation about their votes and Cliff tells Nicole that if they vote Nick out this week that would leave Tommy on his own in the game. Nicole doesn’t think that’s the case at all and worries that because Tommy already promised his vote to Christie that there might be something there. After her talk with Cliff, Nicole goes to talk to Nick about something that Cliff said while they were studying the memory wall. She tells him that Cliff mentioned that he would be screwed in a memory comp because he can’t remember anything. She tells Nick that might be something that Nick can add to his campaign (Nick would tell him that he has Cliff’s back and then tell him how strong he is in memory comps, etc.).

Jackson talked to Christie and confirmed with her that he intends to vote out Nick. He tells Christie that Tommy and Cliff are the swing votes this week and that she should work on them the most with her campaign. Jackson tells her that he thinks Nicole will be on board with voting Nick out once she realizes that she can’t get the votes to save him.

Nick started his campaigning with Tommy. He broke down all the times that Christie was untrustworthy and unpredictable with blowing up peoples games and telling other HGs thinks that she was told in confidence. He also tells Tommy that if he votes Nick out this week that will be three people in Jury that Tommy had a hand in evicting that Tommy was at one point loyal to. He tells Tommy that if Tommy can’t be loyal to his allies when they need their votes then how is the next person Tommy aligns with going to trust that he would stay loyal to them.

Tommy tells Nick that he is worried that if he votes Christie out against Jackson and Holly’s wishes that he will end up on the block next week if Jackson should win HOH. Nick also points out that with the number of times Christie has saved herself from eviction with her social game, she will go on to win the game if they don’t get rid of her now.

After Tommy, Nick campaigns to Cliff. Tommy goes out to play backgammon with Jackson and tells him all about Nick’s campaign. Meanwhile, Nick is telling Cliff that he put Christie up next to him because Cliff voiced that Christie was his target. He thought that if Christie was on the block, Cliff would vote her out. Cliff told Nick that he isn’t making any promises to Nick other than whatever he decides to do with his vote will be what’s best for his game. Nick tells him that he respects that and wouldn’t expect anyone to do anything different.

Jessica and Christie talked and Christie tells Jessica that she is the type of person she can see going to F3 with and that if Jessica won, she would be happy because she respects her game and her as a person. Jessica tells Christie that she is worried that this week is going to end with Nick not leaving.

Tommy tells Jackson that Christie’s gameplay scares him and he can’t wait to talk to her later to see where her head is at. He tells Jackson and Holly that they are good with him and that they have been on the same page since day one.

Nick knew that he wasn’t going to get Jessica’s vote, but talked to her anyway. Jessica told him that if he stayed and made it to F2, he would have her vote. He tells her that as far as this week goes, he respects whichever way her vote lands.

Nick made his final pitch to Jackson and Holly. He tells them that they don’t owe Christie anything. He would be fully loyal to them and she has proved time and time again that she won’t be. He asks them how the house could let Christie escape eviction three weeks in a row? Nick tells them that if he is voted out this week and then comes back into the house because of a Battle Back, he is going to come back into the house with the same mindset. After Nick leaves the room, Jackson says that Nick shouldn’t have said that because it just makes voting him out easier. If he is going to come back and still have their back, then why wouldn’t they vote him out?

While Nick is pitching that Christie will never stay loyal to them, Tommy and Christie are talking about how Jackson has to go. He tells her that he doesn’t know who he would nominate and Christie tells him she would probably do Cliff and Nicole or Jackson and Holly if she won. Tommy mentions that he would probably go with Nicole and Jackson if he won. Tommy says that Nicole should be the pawn next to Jackson, not Holly.

Nicole is telling Cliff that Jessica said Christie won’t target any of the girls in the house which means she will probably go after Cliff and Jackson if she won HOH next week because Christie won’t touch Tommy. Little later, Jackson tells Christie that as long as Cliff or Nicole don’t win HOH next week they should be good (keep in mind Jackson said that he hopes one of them wins and talked about throwing it to one of them because they would take a shot at Christie and Tommy).

Christie then goes to Cliff and tells him that Jackson and Holly are scary threats in this game and the only way they can get one of them out is if they are on the block together. Christie tells Cliff that she can see herself going far in this game with someone like him (sound familiar?). Cliff asks Christie who she would put up if she won HOH and she tells him that she isn’t saying names but she doesn’t feel like she has to honor any deals she has made to people. She asks him not to say anything and he tells her that he won’t because he sees them as threats also. She tells Cliff that she wouldn’t put him up if she won.

Christie gives Nicole the same campaign. Nicole and Cliff talk a bit later about their vote and Cliff says that it’s a done deal with Jackson, Tommy, and Jessica so they might as well vote Nick out too.

Jackson reassured Christie that she was safe this week and that Jessica and Cliff promised to keep Christie this week.

Later, Nicole is talking to Cliff again and wonders if she should tell Jackson about Christie wanting to target the guys next week. Cliff doesn’t think that she should. Nicole talks to Nick a little later on and tells him it isn’t looking good for him and asks him if she can vote against him. He tells her that it’s okay.

Nicole goes against what Cliff said and went to Jackson and Holly about Christie going after the guys. Jackson tells her that it’s good that people are telling her things like that because that means they don’t realize the four of them are working together.

Tonight if eviction night and we will find out which of these HGs are heading to the Jury house. Unless there is some kind of reset week, it looks like Nick will be walking out the doors tonight. Make sure you check back throughout the day for my eviction poll and prediction. Also, so you know, there will be an endurance comp on the live feeds tonight for the next HOH!

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