CBS gave us a sneak peek of the Big Brother Live Feeds this evening and after a lot of speculation that there was a night one eviction, we felt we should mention that someone was missing from the live feeds. Keep reading our Big Brother 21 spoilers if you want to know who might have been evicted from the Big Brother house already!

We got about 15 minutes of live feeds this evening and there were a lot of rumors swirling that someone may have been evicted from the house already. One of those HGs that was rumored to have been evicted was Kemi Faknule. However, within just a few moments of the Big Brother Live Feeds being active, we did, in fact, see her in the bedroom doing her makeup. Here is a screenshot:

Another rumored night one evictee was David Alexander. While watching the Big Brother Live Feeds this evening, we got a brief look at the majority of the rooms inside the BB21 house. Two of the bedrooms, the bathroom, the living room, a brief look at the HGs sitting at the counter in the kitchen and a look at the treehouse loft, but there was no sign of David and no mention of him from any of the HGs.

Could David be a casualty this early in the game? I guess we will have to find out tonight on the Big Brother 21 premiere!

I also want to add, to ease everyone’s mind, that there were NO return HGs inside the Big Brother house during the Big Brother Live Feeds leak this evening.

Make sure you come back tonight for my Big Brother 21 Premiere Live Recap starting at 8 pm EST to find out what happens!

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