A new set of houseguests are moving into the Big Brother house on tonight’s premiere of Big Brother 21. After they all move in and get to know each other, we will get a look at the first HOH competition of the season. Keep refreshing this page to get all the detail of tonight’s episode of Big Brother. If you don’t want to wait to find out who won the first HOH, get the details right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

We start tonight’s premiere off with meeting the first eight houseguests! We have Jackson, Nicole, Tommy, Kathryn, Ovi, Kemi, Holly, and Jack. They are all on stage being greeted by Julie and are then told they can move into the house in groups of four. Tommy, Jack, Kathryn, and Nicole are the first ones to go in (Tommy was the first one through the door). Kemi, Holly, Jackson, and Kemi enter right after. Before the commercial break, Julie says, “like summer camp, some of them may know each other.”

The next eight HGs are Sam, Jessica, Cliff, Analyse, David, Isabelle, Christie, and Nick. The first four are Cliff, Isabelle, David, and Analyse followed by Sam, Jessica, Christie, and Nick. As soon as Christie walks into the door, Tommy tells us that he knows her. Her ex-girlfriend of seven years is a member of Tommy’s family. The HGs all get champagne and start introducing themselves to everyone.

The HGs are called into the living room by Julie and she welcomes them to Camp BB. She tells them that Camp BB’s Motto is Expect the Unexpected and tells them that it starts now! They have to choose a “Camp Director” who will be safe this week and will also impact the first HOH comp. Julie also mentions that they could also impact someone’s game negatively too.

Cliff, David, Jessica, and Jackson all say that they will campaign for it. They talk about how someone has to do it, Cliff also mentions that him being the oldest in the house automatically puts a target on his back and the safety for the week would be nice. Jackson is campaigning hard for the Camp Director perk. Everyone was planning on voting for Jessica, but Jackson is working on convincing the majority of the HGs to vote for him.

Each HG goes out to the yard and drops a vote into a box with the name of the HG they wish to vote for. After the votes are tallied, each HG with the least amount of votes is shot with slime and we find out that Jackson has won the Camp Director title. We find out that as Camp Director, Jackson is safe at the first live eviction, he has to choose four HGs to banish from the Big Brother house and those four will go head to head in a comp. Three will make it back into the house and one will not!

We will find out which HGs Jackson will banish tomorrow night! We will also watch the first endurance comp of the season when the remaining HGs compete for the first HOH!

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