It is time for us to watch the HOH play out on Big Brother 21! Once a new HOH is named, we will then watch as they put up two HGs for eviction. If you don’t want to wait to see what happens, you can get all the details with our Big Brother spoilers. Otherwise, keep refreshing our Big Brother live recap to get all the details of tonight’s episode and join in the conversation in the comments below!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother right where we left off last week, with the HOH endurance comp! The HGs are holding onto “vines” and trying to hold on as long as possible. The last HG standing will win the Head of Household for week five! Before the end of Thursday night’s episode, we watched as Jessica fell and then Nicole shortly after. Every time someone falls, they have to draw a chip from the first aid box to see if they get the Poison Ivy Punishment. Neither Jessica or Nicole draw a punishment chip.

Sam is the third person to fall and he doesn’t draw a punishment chip. Christie falls and also ends up drawing one of the two punishment chips. Nick falls and doesn’t draw a punishment chip from the first aid box. Kat is talking about how at this point she needs to beat Jackson and then when she wins HOH, she is going to use that power to get Jackson out.

Jack falls and doesn’t pull a punishment chip. Tommy falls and pulls the second poison ivy chip from the first aid box. It is down to Holly, Analyse, Jackson, and Kat. Kat loses her stirrup but is able to recover and get her foot back inside it. Jackson falls leaving Holly, Analyse, and Kat. Holly tells them that she just wants to see her folks, Kat says that she will drop but makes Analyse and Holly promise not to put her up. Kat falls.

Now it’s down to Holly and Analyse and she and Analyse are talking about deals, but Jackson is on the sideline telling Holly not to make any deals and to stay up there. Analyse is getting aggravated because they are supposed to be in the same alliance, but Jackson is acting like he doesn’t trust her. Analyse falls after more than two hours into the competition and she is not happy with Jackson either.

After the HOH comp, Nick and Sam are talking about how screwed they are this week. Analyse is talking to Christie and Tommy about how annoyed she is with Jackson. Christie says that if Nick doesn’t go up, she will use her power and make him go up. Analyse says that if Nick doesn’t go up, she is done working with Jackson and Holly.

It’s time for Holly’s HOH room reveal! She is really emotional reading her HOH letter. Afterward, we watch as Holly and Jackson talk about her noms. She is thinking to put Nick and a pawn up. Jackson suggests putting Nicole up next to Nick so that it’s not such a direct hit and it’s less blood on her hands.

Christie and Tommy get their punishment. They have BB Poison Ivy! They have to stay inside for four days and they can’t shower either. Later, Sam goes to talk to Jackson and Holly and Jackson asks if Sam stays and wins HOH, will he go after them and Sam tells them absolutely not. Later that night, Jackson talks about how Christie has to go and how close she is to Jack and Tommy. They are talking about maybe keeping Sam or Nick around in order to take a shot at her.

We ended tonight’s episode with the Nomination Ceremony where Holly nominated Sam and Nick for eviction.

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