Tonight on Big Brother 21, we will watch as the HOH plays out and find out who is in power this week. We will also find out who they decided to nominate for eviction for week 6. If you have missed all the action inside the Big Brother house on the live feeds, make sure you catch up with our Big Brother spoilers. Or you can refresh this page and get all the details from tonight’s episode right here!

We start tonight’s episode off with the HGs studying their advertisements for the HOH comp. While we are watching that, we get a flashback of what happened before the live eviction show. Jackson had gotten some information from Sam about Christie gunning for him and Jack. Jackson is trying to tell Jack that he can’t trust Christie and Tommy. Jack doesn’t believe any of what Jackson is trying to sell them. Part of the information that Jackson told Jack was that Holly and Kat know each other, but this is just speculation.

Tommy and Analyse are in the target room talking and Holly overhears them talking about possibly keeping Sam. Holly goes and grabs Jackson and tells him to go in there and stop them from talking. He does and breaks up the conversation, he then goes up to Jack and asks him about what is going on, but Jack denies anything is going on.

Holly grabs Tommy and they go into the boat room. Holly tells him that she overheard him talking with Analyse and Tommy tells him that he doesn’t feel safe with the six anymore. Then everyone else from the Six Shooters starts filing in. Everything blows up when they all get in the same room together and the Six Shooters as we know them is done. Jackson is upset because he was just burned by Jack. Christie tells the six that there is no six anymore and they won’t be able to work together after this. Christie talks to Jack privately and tells him that she doesn’t want Kat gone because she will go after Jackson and he is the thorn in their side right now. They all decide to vote Sam out instead of Kat.

Back to the HOH. Holly is going to ask the HGs a series of questions based on the ads. If they get it wrong they will be eliminated and if they get it right they will move on. Here is how things went with every question:

  1. Jackson was eliminated.
  2. Analyse and Cliff are eliminated.
  3. Tommy and Nick are eliminated.
  4. Christie is eliminated.
  5. Jack is eliminated.
  6. Nicole is eliminated.
  7. Kathryn is eliminated.

Jessica wins HOH! Jessica, Kat, Nicole, and Cliff are celebrating in the storage room. We then get a look at five of the six talking in one of the bedrooms, with Jackson the only one excluded from the conversations. Next, we get a look at Kat and Holly talking in the boat room and they are talking about how dumb Jackson acted earlier in the day. Holly tells us that regardless of her showmance with Jackson, she plans to work with Kat as her number one.

Jessica, Kat, Nicole, and Cliff are all in the HOH talking about how the six are acting like these four hand-picked to work together, but they were forced into an alliance because they weren’t good enough to work with the six. She is talking about targeting two major players in the game.

It is time for the nomination ceremony! Jessica nominates Jackson and Jack for eviction. She tells them that they haven’t made her a part of anything going on in the house over the last few weeks and a lot of things came to light and they are in the center of it all.

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