Tonight we will watch as Jessica, Jack, and Jackson are joined by three other Big Brother 21 houseguests in this week’s Power of Veto comp. If you have missed any of the action inside the Big Brother house, you can check out our Big Brother spoilers to get all the details. Otherwise, you can keep refreshing this page to find out what happens tonight on Big Brother 21!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother off with the fallout from the nomination ceremony. Kat is worried about Christie using her power if someone else should win the POV. The other side of the house knows that the only person who can’t win the POV is Jackson at this point. Jack jokes about winning the Veto and then not using it and Christie tells him that he would be voted out just for being arrogant.

Jess tells Nicole, Kat, Cliff, and Nick that she is working under the assumption that everyone knows she wants noms to stay the same. Everyone agrees and Nick asks who she wants to go and she tells him she would like to see Jack go this week. Nick tells us that he doesn’t know where he stands in the house so he is telling both sides what they want to hear and he is going to figure it out later.

Time to pick players for the Veto! Jess gets HG Choice and chooses Kat, Jack also gets HG Choice and chooses Tommy, and Jackson chooses Nick. Christie plans to go to Jess if Jack wins the POV and tell her that she will use her power so that Jessica doesn’t have to dirty her hands anymore. She hopes that that will work and she can put a pawn up to ensure that Jackson goes home.

It is time for the POV! The HGs will sit in a chair that spins and when they are done spinning, they have to launch a rocket. Whoever gets the lowest number will get eliminated. When the HG is eliminated, they will claim a helmet which has prizes and punishments on them. The person eliminated after can choose to take one of the helmets from one of the previous HGs that were eliminated. In order to make the comp harder, the highest score from each round is changed to zero after every round. Here is how the rounds went:

  1. Kat is eliminated and she gets the Veto
  2. Jack is eliminated and he gets a trip to Hawaii but trades it Kat for the Veto
  3. Tommy is eliminated and he gets Angry Alien but trades it to Jack for the Veto
  4. Jackson is eliminated and he gets BB Explorer but he trades it to Tommy for the Veto
  5. Nick is eliminated and he gets $5000
  6. Jessica gets first place and gets Area 21, but trades it to Jackson for the Veto.

Jess is talking to Christie and Kat. Christie tells Jess that it is obvious who she wants to go and Jess says she understands that, but she feels like Jack is only loyal to three people. Kat tells Christie that it’s a hard decision for her because if she votes out Jackson and he stays, and Christie cuts her off and asks how he would stay when Christie, Tommy, and Nick are all voting Jackson out and this has Jessica paranoid.

After, Christie goes down and tells Jack, Nick, Tommy, and Analyse all this and Nick says that no one can say anything to Jess until after the POV Ceremony, because she will take Jackson off and put one of them up. Jackson goes to tell Jessica that and Jessica says that she won’t hesitate to take Jackson off and put Nick up in his place for playing both sides of the house.

Tommy gets called to the DR for his punishment. He is a lifesize rocket and when prompted he has to explore the house at the speed of light, speed of sound or the speed of smell. After watching some clips of him running around in his rocket costume, it is time for the Veto Ceremony. During the POV Ceremony, Tommy is called to travel at the speed of smell and he circles the table in the living room several times. Jessica continues and tells them that she has decided not to use the POV.

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