Tonight on Big Brother 21, we will watch as either Christie or Nick walks out of the Big Brother house and become the fourth member of the Jury! Which HG will it be? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s live vote and eviction show and join in the conversation below! Make sure you stick around after the show for our HOH comp live recap to find out who will be the HOH for week 10!

We started this episode off with the fallout from the POV Ceremony. Jessica and Christie are talking outside and they are talking about how Nick is clearly a bigger threat.

Nicole, Cliff, and Jessica are called to make a pie and surprise one HG with a pie in the face. Cliff gets Tommy, Nicole really wants to get Jackson but he is avoiding her. She goes up to the HOH, he has the lights off and is hiding behind the door. He then shoves the pie in her face and this starts a pie war in the house.

After the pie war, Tommy and Nick are talking outside on the hammock and Tommy breaks the news to Nick that he can’t vote to keep him this week because he has already promised to keep Christie safe. Nick is talking to Nicole and he tells her that he has had Tommy’s back from the beginning but he has promised Christie his vote. Nicole is upset about this and is starting to think there might be something more going on there.

Nicole is talking to Holly and Nicole tells her that keeping Christie scares her. She tells Holly that she thinks there is more to Christie and Tommy’s relationship. Nicole tells us that she has planted the seed with Holly and now it’s up to Nick to convince her that he is the one that needs to stay this week.

We get a look at the clown invasion inside the Big Brother house where clowns randomly popped up in the mirrors around the house. They show Nicole leaving the DR to an “empty” house (the HGs were hiding in the HOH) and Nicole is freaking out. The lights in the kitchen turn off causing Nicole to freak out even more.

Nick makes one more pitch to Holly and Jackson and promised to not only keep them safe but work for them going forward. Jackson tells us that Nick has promised them more than Christie has at this stage in the game. Will that be enough to save Nick this week?

We get a look at Jack in the Jury House and Kat and Analyse joining him. They all watch their DVDs and fill each other in on the week before and how they ended up in the Jury house. After the commercial break, we will find out which HG will be joining them this week.

It is time for the live vote and eviction for week 9. Here is how the votes landed:

  • Jackson – Nick
  • Tommy – Nick
  • Nicole – Nick
  • Jessica – Nick
  • Cliff – Nick

There you have it, with a vote of 5-0 Nick is evicted from the Big Brother 21 house.

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