Tonight on Big Brother 21, we will watch as the remaining HGs compete in this week’s HOH competition. After this week’s HOH is named, they will then name their nominees for the week. If you want to skip ahead and get the results, you can find all the results for week 10 in our Big Brother spoilers! Otherwise, keep refreshing this page and join in the conversation below with our Big Brother live recap!

We started this episode of Big Brother off with the HGs hanging onto the wall! They are getting hit with ghosts and rained on. Jackson tells us that he would love for Nicole or Cliff to win this week and the only HG that can’t win this week is Tommy. Jessica tells them that she needs to jump, but she doesn’t want to get hurt. Jessica fell off and they replayed it quite a few times because of how dramatic it was. Jackson, Tommy, Cliff, Nicole, and Christie are still remaining.

Cliff is having a hard time holding on and 41 minutes in, he jumps down. About a minute later, Christie falls off the wall leaving Tommy, Nicole, and Jackson. Nicole knows that if she can outlast Tommy that Jackson will throw this to her so all she has to do is hold on a little longer. Tommy is complaining that his body is killing him and seems to be almost ready to drop. Unfortunately, Nicole’s foot slipped and she fell off the wall first. She is devastated and crying on the ground while it’s pouring on her.

Holly is wondering if Jackson winning will look bad but knows that if Jackson doesn’t win, Tommy will go after Cliff and Nicole. Jackson mouths to Holly that he is going to win this, he has to. Jackson tells Tommy a few times that he is good and Tommy figures that if Jackson wants to win again and paint himself as a bigger target, then he can have it. Jackson isn’t happy about this win, but he had to do it in order to keep Nicole and Cliff safe.

Christie is nervous about him winning because their relationship is weird. Nicole is still beating herself up about not winning, but Jackson is trying to tell her that she has nothing to worry about. They have a F4 and he plans to stay true to that and he won it because he couldn’t risk her and Cliff going up. Nicole is still beating herself up in the DR because she feels like she doesn’t contribute anything to the group.

Jackson runs down his nomination options and says that he won HOH, he isn’t putting Holly, Cliff, or Nicole up and he told Tommy he was safe. That only leaves Christie and Jessica this week. Jessica tells us that she feels safe this week with Jackson winning HOH. She tells us that she can’t be happier for Jackson winning HOH. Jackson is telling Christie that he is going to have to use her as a pawn to get Jessica out, but Christie is freaking out.

Nicole and Christie are talking in bed and they are talking about how much they miss their families. They start crying, they go get water and then start crying to everyone in the other room. They got back into the RV room and Big Brother comes over the speakers to tell them “Big Brother loves you” and they start crying more.

Jackson’s plan this week is to put Jessica and Christie up with Jessica as his target. Holly is trying to voice to him that Christie might be a bigger target this week, but Jackson is really worried that Jessica is more likely to put the remaining guys, two of which would be Jackson and Cliff.

Meanwhile, Christie and Tommy are talking about what would happen if Jessica wins the POV? He says that Jackson will have to put someone else up, but it won’t be him because they made a deal up on the wall. Christie is starting to spiral in the DR talking about how it was great for him to make a deal for safety because that made Christie a possible pawn. They start to talk about the possibility that Cliff and Nicole are working with Jackson and Holly because Nicole and Cliff haven’t been mentioned as possible noms this week.

We get a look at Jackson talking to Jessica about how they are going to be getting into a lot of mental comps going forward and if he has to go up against her and Christie, it’s scary. After this conversation, he talks to Christie and she brings up her concern of whether or not they will save her over Cliff if Jessica ends up winning POV. He won’t tell her that she is a pawn and he won’t promise her that he will save her over Cliff. She knows this is shady and tells us that in her DR session.

It is time for the nomination ceremony. Jackson nominates Christie and Jessica for eviction this week and tells them it’s because they are the biggest mental threats in the house.

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