Tonight we will watch as the remaining four houseguests play in the final POV comp of the Big Brother 21 season. Whoever wins tonight’s Power of Veto will have control over who stays and who goes tomorrow night. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother and join in the conversation below or on social media!

We started this episode of Big Brother 21 off with the aftermath of the nomination ceremony. It really comes down to the POV this week because whoever wins becomes the sole voter this week. Cliff has a deal in place with Jackson that if he wins the POV, Jackson will take Nicole and Cliff to F3 and Holly has agreed to throw the comp. However, Jackson tells us that he is not planning to take Cliff and Nicole, he is planning to evict Cliff tonight.

Holly is camtalking to us and says that she doesn’t like that she had to throw the HOH. She also tells us in the DR that if she throws the POV, she would be burying herself. Cliff mentions to Nicole that Holly should be able to play and says that maybe they should bring a deal to the table that Holly would take Cliff if she won. Holly is wondering if they have lost their minds in the DR.

Cliff tells Jackson that they had an agreement that Jackson would take him to F2, but Cliff tells him that he already has a F2 deal with Nicole. Cliff is just trying to be upfront and honest with Jackson, but we are all scratching our heads as to why he would tell Jackson this. Jackson tells Holly about this and Holly tells Jackson about what they told her earlier in the day. Jackson tells Holly that this whole situation is f***** but they can fix it by winning tomorrow.

The HGs are told it’s time for a BB Luxury competition! The HGs are told that while they were in the HOH room, some changes have been made inside the Big Brother house. They have to try and guess how many changes have been made inside the house. Once they think they know how many changes there are, they run up and hit the buzzer and make their guess. The first HG answer correctly (or comes closest to it), will win $10,000. The HGs head downstairs to start counting and find Ovi in the kitchen baking cookies.

Jackson rang in first, then Nicole, Holly, and Cliff. Jackson guessed 17, Nicole guessed 16, Holly guessed 17, and so did Cliff. The correct answer was 18 which means that Jackson won the $10,000!

It is time for the final POV comp. The HGs have to knock down the faces of the HGs that don’t apply to a phrase shown to them using a slingshot. Nicole goes first, Cliff goes second and he is exhausted after the first round. Holly goes third and has a hard time remember the HGs that the phrases refer to, but manages to finish fairly quickly. Jackson goes last and has to move quickly if he plans to win this and keep him and Holly safe. He has to reset quite a few times but is still moving pretty quickly. Here are the scores!

  • Cliff finished in 38:36
  • Holly finished in 17:30
  • Nicole finished in 14:17
  • Jackson won with a time of 11:29

With that win, Jackson has guaranteed his place in F3 and he is super emotional about it. Nicole apologizes to Cliff, but Cliff is convinced that Jackson is still taking him and Nicole to F3. Jackson tells us in his DR that him and Holly are going to finale night.

After the comp, we get a look at Jackson being emotional one of the bedrooms and he is crying because he is going to finale night and Holly is coming with him. Cliff is still convinced that Jackson is taking him to finale night, but Jackson and Holly are celebrating in the other room. Cliff is completely clueless to the fact that he is being evicted tomorrow night.

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