It is the first live eviction of the Big Brother 21 season! Not only will we be watching either Ovi or Kathryn walk out of the Big Brother house, but there will be some kind of twist revealed tonight also! Which order these will happen in is still unknown for sure, but it is going to happen right here tonight! Keep refreshing the page and reading along to get all the details of tonight’s like show right here!

We started tonight’s episode off with the twist, the evicted HG will not be heading home tonight, they will continue to live in the Big Brother house! We continue the episode with the fallout from the POV Ceremony where Ovi was blindsided, but not giving up. Christie is doing damage control with Ovi, telling him he is a pawn and that Kat is her real target. Ovi starts campaigning to all the HGs.

Meanwhile, Kat is walking around the house acting super sketchy and paranoid and driving everyone in the house crazy. Everyone is always talking about how exhausting she is to deal with and this is going to really hurt her game.

Ovi goes to Nick and Nick is honest with him. He tells Ovi that if he can get the votes he will vote for him, but he hasn’t heard that the votes are going in his favor. So with one last ditch effort, Ovi pulls Jack and Michie aside and tells them both about his power. He tells them all the details of his power and offers to use it as a shield for the two of them if someone tries to go after them. They contemplate the idea of keeping him around for this power.

It is time for the live vote! Here is how the HGs voted:

  • Analyse – Ovi
  • Nick – Ovi
  • Tommy – Ovi
  • Jessica – Ovi
  • Holly – Ovi
  • Jack – Ovi
  • Jackson – Ovi
  • Nicole – Ovi
  • Isabella – Ovi
  • Cliff – Ovi
  • Sam – Ovi
  • Kemi – Ovi

It is unanimous, but what the HGs don’t know is that Ovi won’t be leaving the house! The looks on their faces when they found out that Ovi wasn’t leaving! What is going to happen is, he will continue to live inside the house as members of Camp Comeback and the first four members will be allowed to earn a spot back in the game.

Camp Comeback members are out of the game, but they will live in the house. They will not compete in any comps or vote, but they will be able to continue to play their social game. Ovi is told he can go up to Camp Comeback and listen to the HOH comp play out. He won’t be alone, the doorbell rings and in comes David who will be living in Camp Comeback with Ovi.

It is now time for the HOH comp for week 2! They will have to answer questions about a fireworks display that they will watch. If the HG gets the wrong answer, they are eliminated. Whoever is left after seven rounds will be the new HOH.

  • After round one – everyone got it right
  • After round two – Nick is eliminated
  • After round three – Tommy, Holly, and Kathryn are eliminated
  • After round four – Cliff, Analyse, Isabella, Kemi, and Sam are eliminated
  • After round five – Nicole and Jackson are eliminated
  • After round six – Both Jessica and Jack got it right (last two standing)
  • After round seven – Jessica is eliminated

Jack has won the HOH for round two! Before the end of the episode, Julie checked in with Ovi and David.

There is a Whacktivity Comp and Noms coming up on Sunday at 8/7c, POV coming up on Wednesday at 9/8c and the next live vote and eviction on Thursday at 9/8c. Stay tuned for spoilers throughout the week!

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