Tonight on Big Brother 21, we will watch as either Kemi or Jessica become the third camper in Camp Comeback. After that, we should see the start of the HOH competition on Big Brother. You can get the results of the HOH a little later with our Big Brother spoilers! Make sure you keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother.

We started the night with a look at the fallout from after the POV Ceremony. Kemi knows that she is in trouble and has to campaign really hard if she expects to stay in the game. We then get a look at the showmances for the season which are Nick & Bella and Jack & Analyse. Jackson and Holly are almost a full-blown showmance.

We get a look at Cliff’s morning cam talks called Cliff Notes. While he is talking one day, Christie overhears him on her way back from the bedroom. She listens into his chat and then runs back to her room to tell Jackson, Holly, and Tommy all about what she heard.

Nicole tells Kemi that Bella was the one who went back and told Jack about the Black Widow alliance. She also told Jack that it was Jess that started it when it was really Bella herself. Kemi is campaigning to Jack and Jackson. Jackson then goes to Jack the next day and tells him everything that they talked about. Including how Bella told him that she knows Jack, Jackson, and Bella have had a F3 since day 2. He also fills Jack in on what Christie heard Cliff talking about and how he was going to target the couples if he won HOH.

Bella is burning Gr8ful to Sam by telling him that he isn’t actually part of Gr8ful, he is actually the ninth member of the eight-member alliance. Which makes Sam think, “why am I doing what my alliance wants to do if I’m not actually part of the alliance!?” He is working to try and flip the vote, but can he pull it off? It is time to find out! Here are how the votes landed:

  • Cliff – Kemi
  • Kat – Kemi
  • Nicole – Kemi
  • Bella – Kemi
  • Nick – Kemi
  • Sam – Kemi
  • Analyse – Kemi
  • Jackson – Jessica
  • Holly – Kemi
  • Christie – Kemi
  • Tommy – Kemi

With Jackson throwing out the hinky vote, it’s safe to assume that he is going to frame someone with it. By a vote of 10-1 Kemi has become a member of Camp Comeback.

The name of the competition is Power Shot, they will be throwing arrows at a target. The HG who’s arrow lands on the highest number, will win HOH. There are also two red targets on the top of the target. One is for $5000 and the other is for safety for the week. They can only be hit by one HG if they decide they don’t want to be HOH. Here are the HGs scores:

  • Analyse – 50
  • Jess – 5
  • Christie – 65
  • Nick – 90
  • Sam – 70
  • Jackson – 70
  • Tommy – 35
  • Cliff – 15
  • Bella – 75
  • Kat – 0
  • Nicole – 15
  • Holly – 0

With a score of 90, Nick is this week’s HOH!

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