Tonight on Big Brother 21, we will watch as Christie, Nick, Analyse, and Jessica compete in the final Whacktivity Comp of the season. After the Whacktivity Comp, we will find out who Nick nominates for eviction this week on Big Brother. If you don’t want to wait to find out, you can get the results with our Big Brother spoilers! Otherwise, you can keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s show right here!

We started tonight’s episode off with a look at the fallout from the live vote. Nick is HOH and Kemi has called Nick and Bella out in their eviction speech. Nicole and Cliff are talking about the hinky vote and Nicole is worried that she is going to be blamed for the vote for Kemi to stay. Jackson tells us that he did the hinky vote to pin on Nick or Bella, but now that Nick is HOH, he has to pin it on Nicole or Cliff.

Kemi gets called to the DR and right before she goes in, Kemi and Bella had words. Bella is wondering why Kemi called her out when she was Kemi’s only friend in the house. Kemi gets in her face and they exchange more words before the door to the DR opens and Kemi goes in. Jackson tells Jack that he was the rogue vote, but adds that he can’t tell Christie.

Nicole goes to talk to Jackson and Holly about the rogue vote. Holly tells her that at this point, no one is thinking anything of it. Nicole tells them that she is worried that it’s going to be pinned on her, but can’t figure out what the point is of it. Later, Nick is talking with Bella, Jackson, Holly, Analyse, and Sam. Nick doesn’t think it was Nicole. When Jackson, Holly, and Analyse leave, Bella tells Nick that she thinks it was Jackson that did it. Nick tells them that he doesn’t want to put up Nicole this week. Nick goes to Nicole and tells her that he thinks someone did it to pin it on her and tells her that she is safe this week.

It’s time for the Panic Whacktivity Comp! The HGs will have to move around Madagascar hissing cockroaches to see clues to a puzzle underneath. Analyse goes first, Jessica is next, Nick goes third, and Christie goes last. In the end, we find out that Christie won the Panic Whacktivity which is the Diamond Power of Veto. This will allow her to turn the regular veto into a Diamond POV which will allow the Veto holder to take one of the final noms off the block and replace them with any HG of their choice instead of the HOH doing it themselves.

Jack walks in, tells Tommy that Ovi’s power allows him to force a new nomination ceremony, Jack tells Tommy that his power allows for a POV player redraw, and Tommy freaks out. Jack just told Tommy about his power. Christie tells Jack that she wishes she can deliver good news like that, but she can’t. Meanwhile, Kemi tells Nicole that Bella told her what Christie overheard Cliff talking about in the Boat Room one morning. Kemi tells Nicole that Christie, Bella and the rest of them know about her alliance with Cliff and Ovi. Nicole warns Cliff about it.

Cliff talks to Nick about his nominations. He tells Nick that he doesn’t want to be a pawn this week, but if he needs someone to be a pawn he will do it. Cliff tells Nick that he would love to work with him and Bella in the future. Nick tells us that Cliff is his target this week so that works out perfectly for him going into the nomination ceremony.

Before the HOH, Jackson told Nicole that he isn’t saying that there is a divide in the house, but sometimes people can come together with a common enemy. He added that Nick and Bella scare him. This was because he wanted Nicole to take a shot at Nick and Bella if she won HOH. Nicole went to Nick and Bella with this information right before the Nomination Ceremony. They feel very betrayed by their alliance.

It’s time for the Nomination Ceremony. Nick nominated Cliff and Jessica. He tells them that he loves them both, it’s not personal. He said that for him it would be easier to put up two people who have already been on the block and they have a chance to play in the POV. Nick tells us that he thought about putting Jack and Jackson up, but wanted to talk to the people he is close to first. He said that he would not think twice about BD’ing one of them if he finds out the information is true.

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